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Thread: 50% off buildings?

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    50% off buildings?

    Wondering if there can be made an announcement for a 50% off on all buildings.
    Is this gonna happen soon? Wondering cause of purchasing sushi shop
    and would be nice to save some coins for candy maker 😉

    Would also be great for starting players who cant afford f.e. juicer or deli

    Thx in advance

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    We have had a sale on the buildings, animals, decorations in the past so I am sure more of these will be offered down the road!
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    How often are the sales? I've been wondering about that.

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    I've never seen a 50% off building sales before, the most was up to 20% off only. It will be great if there's a building sales soon, caused I'm planning to get the 5th feed mill. XD
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