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Thread: Spooky expansion 3, no candy corn

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    Spooky expansion 3, no candy corn

    I upgraded my spooky mansion to level 3, but did not receive the 50 corn reward. That is a big reward not to get and now it won't let me go to the next upgrade.

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    You should of gotten 40 not 50 for level 3. Once you build to level 5, you should get 50.
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    Upgrade Haunted Hall to Lv. 3 0/1
    reward 40 Candy Corn

    Upgrade Haunted hall to Lv.5 0/1
    reward 50 Candy Corn
    If nothing, try restarting your device to see if you next goal comes up.
    If not please send an email to so an agent can check your game.

    Upgrading to level 5 is end of that set of goals.

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    Thank you, I did restart. But it's still showing that I need to upgrade and did not receive a reward. I emailed team lava, so hopefully something comes from it.

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    Sorry to hear that, please be sure to contact Support at so a Support Agent can review your account as soon as they can. Please PM me your ticket # as well. Thanks!

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