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Thread: Option to Decline Computer Opponent

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    Option to Decline Computer Opponent

    Hi, new Pool player here. I've been selecting Play Online but every match thus far up to level 5 (13 games) has been against a computer opponent (they all make quick plays, comment frequently even while making a play).

    In reading another thread, I understand you'd like to get players matched against a similarly s****ed opponent as soon as possible. I would rather appreciate if after some time waiting, I'm given an option to play against a computer or continue waiting. The option could be repeated every 1-2 minutes.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Agree totally.

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    ...nothing on this?

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    I don't know, after searching, if this is the rigHt place, but I am getting nuts about the many fails this iOS app has. I missed thousands coins because I don't get into the actual game during a tournament. I see, apperantly the game aphas stated, but I am watching it, that the icon in either waiting room tells me she has so many balls left. So I don't actually am playing. Do you guys make a update? Are you fixing the Facebook link? Are you even making a effort to continue on this game? Or is this a next mobster app, getting flaws and then good luck, but not working anymore? Let me know.

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    I think the more disturbing issue is the original question was asked in October of LAST year, and there hasn't been so much as an acknowledgment of concern from a NEW player, by any "so called" forum moderators or Storm 8 staff...
    I do like this game, but I find it infuriating when constantly playing against their "Robots"! Especially in tournament rooms!!! I can't count the number of times I've watched them run the table with rediculously difficult shots, that a human professional couldn't make. Waiting 20 hours is absurd, the forfeiture of tickets from the routine crashes is egregious, and the laborious and tedious support ticket process option is pitifully managed by inept MORONS, who are following a failed business model!!!!! Will it get fixed? Negative... The most unfortunate thing is this game is the only one I've found that actually follows the truest physics in the game, and believe me I've tried to find one that can match it. If anyone knows of one out there I love to hear about it, and I'd immediately delete this game and never return.
    Always feels better to vent! Good luck

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