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Thread: Castle Update 10/16/14: Halloween Event!

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    Castle Update 10/16/14: Halloween Event!

    Hey everyone, this week's update is Castle Story's second World Event - this time, Halloween Themed!

    Collect Candy Corn to earn the different Halloween prizes. You can get it by:
    • Harvesting from Corn
    • Going on the Trick or Treat Adventure
    • Crafting it in the Kitchen
    • Visiting your characters' Houses
    • The Jack o Lantern item, which you can find in BUILDINGS -> SPECIAL in the Market
    • and a few other places...

    We hope you enjoy this event's prizes, including the new Spooky Wall set which is in my opinion our coolest wall yet!

    We also heard your feedback from the last event and have some cool functional prizes to earn:

    Cownt Dracula is a terrifying... cow? In addition to boosted Prime Cut and Hide drops, he also produces a variety of red items. Is that blood? (It's not.)

    Collect from The Witch's Cauldron to earn a variety of different potion items - almost every single thing you can craft in the Potion Shop, you can get from the Cauldron. Ivy will be pleased!

    Find Bones, Creep Tooth, and occasionally Living Wood at the Spooky Tree.

    And last but not least, the absolutely stunning Haunted Hall, which you can build using the Fancy Chandelier from the event's 3rd Individual Prize. Aside from looking TOTALLY AWESOME, the Hall has a low chance to drop Earth Wisps, Wisp Lanterns, and Lumin Essence.

    Have fun everyone. The event starts today at NOON PST and expires on 11/03

    Edit: This event is available for all players LV 15+. Please make sure you update to version 1.2.5!
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    awesome! psyched I luuuvvv Halloween!!
    Quote Originally Posted by mikado86 View Post
    Bats in the Rafters
    Upgrade Haunted Hall to Lv. 3 0/1
    reward 40 Candy Corn

    Upgrade Haunted hall to Lv.5 0/1
    reward 50 Candy Corn

    Haunted Hall level requirements

    Level 2
    4 Fancy Beam
    10 Parchement Bat
    10 Parchement Ghost
    4 Fancy Block

    Level 3
    5 Fancy Beam
    15 Parchement Bat
    15 Parchement Ghost
    5 Fancy Block

    Level 4
    6 Fancy Beam
    20 Parchement Bat
    20 Parchement Ghost
    6 Fancy Block

    Level 5
    3 Wisp Lantern
    25 Parchement Bat
    25 Parchement Ghost
    1 Fancy Chandelier

    Fancy Chandelier
    Is the third reward of the event by gathering Candy Corn

    1st reward at 100 Candy Corn
    2st reward at 600 Candy Corn

    Additional Information

    Quote Originally Posted by shipower View Post
    Prize 1 (100) : Halloween Banner x 1
    Prize 2 (600) : Spooky Wall x 30, Spooky Tower x 2, Spooky Gate x 1
    Prize 3 (1250) : Fancy Beam x 4, Fancy Block x 4, Fancy Chandelier x 1, Energy x 40
    Prize 4 (2300) : Cownt Dracula x 1 (size 1x1, 1Hr Collection Time)
    Prize 5 (3100) : Witch's Cauldron x 1 (size 2x2, 4Hr Collection Time)
    First Prize:

    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    First step went fast. Have the masks from the caravans & try on the costumes.

    1. Then adventure for trick or treating. 8 hrs. Using the masks.
    ******But you can also craft them:******


    2. Build a haunted hall - 3 each beams, blocks, wisps.
    Next: Second upgrade the hall...ready in 2 hrs.

    ******You can also craft the candy corn in the kitchen:******

    Quote Originally Posted by Dabag View Post
    Halloween EVENT - GOOD TO KNOW

    Farm PLOTS
    Number of Plots allowed is determined by Level achieved.
    Unable to find any official numbers on plot/level ratio. These numbers are from my own notes.
    * indicates I received an "at your limit" notice
    Lv.15 = 35 plots
    Lv.16 = 37 plots *
    Lv.18 = 39 plots *
    Lv.28 = 48 plots *
    Lv.30 = 51 plots *
    Lv.44 = 58 plots *

    Individual Prize
    #1 -100 Candy Corn = Banner (1sq)
    #2 -600 Candy Corn = Spooky Walls(30), Tower(2) and a Gate(1)
    Each item worth 3 Royal points for a total of 99 Royal Points
    Market price: Spooky Gate 25 gem. Spooky Tower 15 gems. Spooky Wall 3 gem
    (for a total of 145 gems)

    AT 650 Candy Corn= eligible for Community Prize when each goal met by whole community!

    Community Prizes
    #1 Haunted Path (also available at market>decoration= 2gems each)
    #2 Pumpkin Display ? Decoration ?
    #3 Spooky Tree-Find Bones, Creep Tooth, and occasionally Living Wood.

    Collecting Candy Corn
    - Trick or Treat ADVENTURE - Castle only (not Barracks)
    - Defeat BEASTS- Skunkupine, Lovecupine, Fangbeast,
    - Kitchen CRAFT - 30 minutes. 25 Corn 1 Sugar=5 Candy Corn
    - HARVEST Corn - 3min. Crop
    - Character HOMES>Old Thomas's House-2hr reset, Ivy's Hut-12hr reset, Thurston's Fort-8hr reset;
    (NOT Kaz, Griselda (everyone) ; NOT Sabina-need Lv.25 or higher to do that chain)
    -Jack o Lantern - goal #5 optional

    Connected goals
    1. Rise and Shine = 15 Candy Corn
    2.Trick or Treat! = 25 Candy Corn
    6. Confection Creation =25 Candy Corn
    7. Once More with Feeling =15 Candy Corn

    Goals connect for Haunted Hall & upgrades
    Haunted Hall can be placed in STORAGE at Level 1!
    3. A Spooky Setting = 30 Candy Corn
    4. Bats in the Rafters = 40 Candy Corn
    (completed Lv.3 Haunted Hall-no longer construction site!)
    8. Spook-tacular = 50 Candy Corn

    #5 Candy Container gem purchase& reward 'Optional Goal'
    Jack O Lantern 150gems -reward 20 gems = net cost 120gems

    Energy: drop from>
    Alicorn-complete level energy refill (1x per 7days),
    Pink Alicorn-to a max of7 energy daily (occasionally rare 100 energy boost)
    Wizard School-depends on level (max10),
    Royal Exchange: Fruit Trade(5)-Magic Fruit Trade(15), Meat Delivery(10);
    Harvesting crops-33% (must have 3rd Shard from Tablet of Tabernum); Greenhouse>Faerie Elixir (20); Mermaid Pond.
    Occasional drops from>> Adventures, Sir Pigglesworth,

    Silver Ore: drop from> sparkling mine, deep mine, troll vault,
    Gift from neigbors;
    Mine- iron rich rock(M.F.>Alchemy Iron to Silver 4th shard required);
    Craft Magic Forge>1hr. 10 iron ore=1 silver;
    R. Exchange>Jewelers Trade 3hr. 30 Glimmerdust. 30 Jewels. 40 water;
    R. Ex.> Trade with Belladonna 5hr.15 Living Wood. 30 Mushrooms. 15 Rat Tail;

    View> vontalken's Cocktail Napkin Math posts. All interesting & worth checking out

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotarch View Post
    Drops from Cownt:
    Normal: Milk, fertilizer, hide, prime cut, coins
    Red : Strawberry, tomato, apple, red pedal

    Drops from Cauldron:
    simple glue, super glue, builders paste, dye ( yellow, blue, purple ) <--- various combinations possible

    Level 5

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    Can't wait. Awesome . Thanks TL

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    O...M...G... soooooo freakin' excited!!!!
    *giddy evil H'ween laughter*

    Ps. Not gonna tell us the "few other places"???

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    Live now, adventure only available in the keep.
    8 hours. requires 1 witch hat, 1 tiara, 1 mask

    witch hat, potion shop. 3 hours, 5 wool, 1 purple dye, 5 glimmer dust
    tiara, forge, 3 hours, 10 silver, 5 jewels, 2 mermaid scales
    fangbeast mask, workshop, 3 hours, 5 fur, 2 creep tooth

    candy corn craftable in batches of 5, in the kitchen, 25 corn, 1 sugar, 30 minutes

    haunted hall buildable, level 1, 3 fancy beam, 3 earth wisp, 3 fancy block
    level 2, 4 fancy beam, 4 fancy block, 10 each of bat and ghost, both gained from adventure
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    THREE World Events at the same time?!?! You've got to be kidding me....
    **HAPPY 2019**
    I am taking a break from all games now.
    Apologies to all neighbors and hope to see you again soon!

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    FS2 = Bailey's Acres (48) RS2 = Bob's Bistro (52) BS2 (34) ~~ DC:M (23)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuffyjkitten View Post
    THREE World Events at the same time?!?! You've got to be kidding me....
    It's just such a good setup for Halloween! We won't be running these kinds of events as often as some of our other games though
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    OMG! How fabulous! Now to try and use up my stash of corn! So I can harvest some more!

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    Sounds exciting! Can't wait (13 more minutes!).
    Kingdom of 😸Kittyville😸

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    Oh god exciting CS events and I have a ridiculously full work schedule :'(

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