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Thread: Castle Story: 9/25/14 The Faerie Bridge

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    Castle Story: 9/25/14 The Faerie Bridge

    Hi, all!

    In this week's update, the faeries give you a new construction project to work on. It's a Faerie Bridge that they'll be able to use for easier travel to and from your kingdom (which, for you, means a new source of Fey Crystals, faerie building materials, Faeriebulb Seeds, and more).

    Of course, building anything that magical is going to require some preparation. You spend your days working on the Bridge, but something is coming in and undoing your hard work during the night. What could it be?

    The update will go live at 12:00 PDT, and to start this week's content, you must have completed Start of Something Beautiful, the last quest from last week.

    Have fun!
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    WoooHoooo! Thanks, Buttercup! Regards to Glimmergate and Aggwyn.

    Can't wait to see how the 'undo' works. Thanks!


    Reported Drops from the bridge
    bulb seeds
    Faeries paste
    murmur 1-3

    Building bridges
    3 preparation motion (skip 5 gems each/ 15 total)
    Preparation motion in faerie workshop

    2 vital extract
    1 faerie jar
    2 magic fruit
    1 hour

    An unexpected disturbance
    1 preparation motion
    4 spelled stones

    spelled stones (faerie workshop)
    10 stones
    3 glimmer fragments (the red ones)
    1 faerie essence
    2 hours

    "Keep off the Grass"

    Build Walls or Hedges 5 or Skip 25

    Use Butterfish as bait ( I think it was 5)

    Use Cabbages as bait (I think this was 20)

    Another Mystery

    Bury Another Spelled Stone 1 or Skip with 5 gems

    Plant Enchanted Seeds (Faerie Workshop) 5 or Skip with 25 gems
    5 Faeriebulb Seeds
    2 Living Wood
    4 Faeries' Murmur

    A Thief in the Night

    On Watch.
    Make 4 Sentry Horns
    Climb a Watchtower
    Rewards: 1800 coins, 7 exp points

    A Bridge to Somewhere:
    Buy Bridge in market, 100 000 coins.
    Rewards 3100 coins, 10 exp points.

    Strangers in the Night:
    Drink Alertness Potion.
    Make 4 in Potion Shop. 10 cocoa beans, 1 Ivy's Hot Sauce, 5 water per potion.
    One hour to make one potion.
    Keep Watch at the Faerie Bridge.
    Rewards: 1800 coins. 7 exp points

    Quote Originally Posted by Dabag View Post
    Faerie Bridge

    size 2x2 come already built - no parts required

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    Thanks for the new update - this will be the first time in months that we get a new set of goals that I'm not actually ready for, as still working on last one from last week's release. Think the same may be true for quite a few folks!
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    Ack, still working on getting everything made for the fairy trade. Might be awhile before I get to this set of goals. Lol
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    Thanks! Excited.
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    I can't start either as I'm try to get 3 more faerie pastes to finish building the workshop. They don't drop every time from the adventure either. So this could take me another week or more.
    Ah well, guess I'll go collect from everything I neglected this morning.
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    Haven't even finished "Sister, Sister" yet. There are too many rare items required, like glimmer shard and glimmer fragments. So - if no good fairy will make these drops more frequent I will probably be done with this old quest in december. I just hope that the halloween quest and christmas quest will not depend on having finished any of the previous quests. And that I won't need any more glimmer stuff or dark plants ...

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    Thanks TL !!
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    Building Bridges - First step is to prepare the ground with preparation potion *3. They take one hour each at new fairy crafting building.

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    Yet another quest I am nowhere near being able to partake in. I can't even do anything to hurry my way towards the goal because I am frozen in time just waiting for rare drops to be able to move forward. Sigh.

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