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  • Truffle Chair

    391 27.77%
  • Wedding Ceremony

    278 19.74%
  • Royal Booth

    212 15.06%
  • Breakfast Buffet

    472 33.52%
  • Royal Sugar Party

    356 25.28%
  • Wedding Cake

    307 21.80%
  • Tea Time Oven

    610 43.32%
  • Rose Oven

    466 33.10%
  • Fruit Chocolate Dip

    408 28.98%
  • Truffle Maker

    403 28.62%
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Thread: Bakery Story: Vote for Limited Time Re-releases!

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    Jul 2013
    i'm so excited that you even indicated this was a possibility! truffle chair tops my list of decorations, but i mostly voted for the ovens on this poll. i would also LOVE the winter oven (that's straight winter, not any of the other ones with winter in the name) and the candy hatchery, and would appreciate the puebla & jazz ovens, musical drink machine, & healthy sweets (or decorations that use the parts for that second list of ovens so that i can get rid of them from my inventory--i'm really kind of ocd about this, and it's driving me nuts).

    if i could unlock any other decor besides the truffle chair (love that thing), it would be the halloween mummy baker, vampire baker & frankenstein table.
    I go by varying numbers of utensils in BS, and cafe lula, welcome cafe, and zephyr cafe in RS (just so you know it's me--you can't add me by those).
    I always love to visit well-designed or creative bakeries & restaurants!

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    Hummmmm, all of it!!

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    Talking love this!

    Oh that's really cool *-* i would love the barista counter, rose columns, duck fountain, gelato stand ❤ i always wish back some floor tiles too like these:

    Attachment 15663

    pink glitter and blue with stars, i'm just so in love for it *-*
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    I'll take the lot team lava! :-) would love to see the Puebla oven as well

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    Truffle chairs and Lotus Fountain!!! Also Fountain of Love, Autumn Feast, Love Fountain, Chocolate Box Table, Crystal Ball, Vampire Punch.

    Bakery Story is that one game with the cutest designs, all this talk about LTO sale is making me want to buy some of this stuff, maybe have an LTO pre-sale this month, since there are so many items we'd like to see again?

    Fountain of Love

    Lotus Fountain

    Love Fountain

    Chocolate Box Table

    Crystal Ball and Vampire Punch

    Autumn Feast

    Fountain of Love

    Breakfast Buffet

    Autumn Feast

    Fruit Chocolate Dip

    Truffle Maker

    Tea Display

    Tea Cupboard

    Wedding Cake and Cupcake Display

    Birthday Girl
    Birthday Boy
    Birthday Presents
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    I would love to have the sugar cube chair, the teapot lamp, and the victorian couch. Please. I agree with the others, just the thought of it is fun!!

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    Apr 2013
    I want EVERYTHING on the list !!! Please give us a sale this month a special AUTUMN LTO SALE !!!

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    Nov 2013
    Lotus fountain and rose column my favorites.

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    Nov 2013
    I want everything on list too

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    Everything on the list!

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