From Storm 8 Blog:

Games Compatible with iOS 8

The release of iOS 8 is just around the corner! We wanted to reassure everyone that all of our games currently in the App Store will be compatible with iOS 8. To ensure a smooth transition when upgrading to iOS 8, we recommend that everyone create a Storm8 ID and Password for their accounts.
Should you need to recover your account for any reason, you can now use theAccount Settings option located in the Storm8 global menu in some of our games.
We also recommend downloading the most recent versions of all our Apps. You can find them all after the jump!

Fire Mocha

Shark Party


Please note: Upgrading to iOS 8 shouldn?t cause any issues, however, if you choose to reset your device when upgrading, you will lose access to your account. Be sure you have created a Storm8 ID and Password so we can assist you!
If you have any questions, feel free to post them here. As always, please contact our support teams if you need help with any issues. Thanks!