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Thread: Castle Update: Queens Gate 9/11/14

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    Quote Originally Posted by reliquary View Post
    You know what would be great! One of those lantern, trade ticket bundles for sale....!
    I had that sale pop up for me a couple of months ago...I wish I had bought more
    Yes PLEASE ! Pretty please !

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    I agree, i actually dusted off some of my hard earned gems and got busy building walls...400 gems later Im really happy with the outcome. I for one dont really care about the quests, i just want my kingdom to look like a princess should live there. Trolls, animals that look like turkeys, bat caves, ugly new buildings..all in storage, i dont like them at all. Im hoping to see more attractive decorations and buildings in the future.

    Quote Originally Posted by 55lee55 View Post
    I really like this update!

    No, there is no quest, but sometimes it is good to see TL institute a change that people have been begging for, and to stop and smell the Hydrangeas!

    I had started a few walls when I began playing but when I hit the wall limit, I figured why bother. I loved the peony fence, but again, ran into the wall before I was done building what I had envisioned, so I bought what I could at the time, hoping for a new Level increase that might allow us to increase walls.

    Being a multimillionaire for the only time in my life, I enjoyed dismantling much of my kingdom yesterday, surrounding it with the peony fence, then replacing much of that with the hydrangea fence. I don't need the fences. I need more room. But I sure enjoyed going on a mad spending spree, and finally getting around to Spring cleaning in September, which is very close to how I do things in real life, minus the money to go on a spending spree.

    I know that many will disagree with me because that is a CS given, but I found this update refreshing and delightful. I got to throw my money around and to store stuff that I have been needing to het out of my way. Except for a slight relocation folks I kept the doggies and the maze, so my neighbors who like those features will recognize part of my kingdom, but it seems that I move my cattle herd about once a year, good for the grass ya know, and it was about roundup time.

    So thanks TL, for the update. Sorry that some of you will get nothing of value from it. For once in recent months I did get some value in it, if nothing more than watching the disappointment from those who saw nothing pop up in their quest books. This is what it is like much of the time when you both reach Level 50 and catch up with everything, and they don't necessarily happen at the same time. it depends more upon playing style than Level. But this is a taste of what many of the updates are like for those of us who are at the furthest reaches of the game.

    Of course for me, having all of those coins and nothing fun to spend them on for such a long time, this was an awesome update! And consider the possibilities! With no wall limits, we could have walls of bones for Halloween! And walls of hearts for Valentine's Day, usually a festive CS holiday! This gives TL a chance to please those of us who are overloaded with coins, while giving those who are still using their money for things they need in the game right now, something to look forward to in the future!

    So if this seems like a lame update now to some folks, it probably is, just as some of the updates you enjoy greatly are lame to me and some others who are far past having a need for the rewards. It depends on where you are in the game, your playing style, and priorities, and what you want or need or don't want or need, when any of us evaluate the usefulness of an update.

    To me this is the most amusing and useful update I have seen in months. To others it makes no sense at all. Even for me, I did a double take, because I am not a wall person, I am a walkway person. But the hydrangeas caught my eye and I always loved the peony fence, and I like freaking my husband out by telling him I spent over a million dollars yesterday for fencing!

    Since there is no need to wait for a rare drop this week, there is little chance, although anything is possible, but there is little chance that this update will be extended because people are waiting for a wall to drop. It is likely we will get a new quest next week that will thrill the players who are puzzled by this one.

    It is good practice for those who are rushing to reach Level 50. You don't get anything special for reaching the highest Level. You simply stop moving upward and your neighbors stop leaving balloons on your wall and announcing that you just leveled up

    I for one am grateful to you TL for releasing this update that while we got nothing in our Quest Books and no chance to win a few gems, you gave us a much requested item from the polls and in the Suggestions. This proves to me, someone who was losing hope, that TL is not only listening to us, but on occasion giving us what we ask for!

    True, not everyone asked to drop the wall limit. I am not sure if I did, or I simple accepted the limit as unchangeable and moved on. But I sure enjoyed putting up my Under Construction signs yesterday, and spending like a madwoman! And before someone says it, I will admit I am easily amused!

    Thanks for the enjoyable update TL!

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    Kooky--I don't know where to turn to get back my 40 tiger skins the game took from me--no where to be found--??? I was building a new building --very frustrating--it took weeks to get that many and I needed 70. If I can get my skins back I want to delete the building . Thx for your attention to this matter (if I can't get skins back etc)��

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoodieBug View Post
    Kooky--I don't know where to turn to get back my 40 tiger skins the game took from me--no where to be found--??? I was building a new building --very frustrating--it took weeks to get that many and I needed 70. If I can get my skins back I want to delete the building . Thx for your attention to this matter (if I can't get skins back etc)��
    Can you tell me what goal you're on and what's in your book. A sync error cannot cause you to lose that many. If you could provide some more details about what you were doing that would be helpful. Also, do you play multi devices?

    I'm guessing you really mean the item called 'fur'...

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