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Thread: Update 10th September 2014

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    Update 10th September 2014

    I know we will get goals but I am hoping for Autumn ones. What do you guys want to see in tomorrows update?

    Goal Thread

    Wake up and smell the coffee! Start the day off right with a cool cup o’ joe. Customers will be lining up by the dozens to get delicious drinks from a Frappe Fountain in Bakery Story!
    Energize your Bakery with these new items:

    • Coffee Smoke
    • Espresso Counter
    • Coffee Machine
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    how come we didn't get a teaser this week? I love the teasers

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    Quote Originally Posted by zifun View Post
    how come we didn't get a teaser this week? I love the teasers
    It should be up later today I think.

    I also want Autumn goals! My bakery is already Autumn-themed so it would be nice to maintain that throughout the month

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    haha I agree I've redecorated mine to an autumn theme as well!

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    I'm patiently waiting for a teaser.

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    Can't wait for the teaser!

    I finally was able to expand and I was bored with my decor, so I cleared everything and made it white in anticipation of the new goals.

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    Some Autumn goals would be great!
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	15438Got all my autumn/halloween decor out! Super excited to see this year's fall/halloween updates!
    I am looking forward to this week update/goal.
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    Looks like goals!!! Can't wait to see the prizes, love the coffee theme!

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    Not autumn-themed like I was hoping, but not bad either. I know some people have been asking for coffee stuff, so this should make them rather happy. I'm personally very excited at seeing the prospect of new drinks! And it can blend into my existing theme rather well so I'm looking forward to these.

    Still hoping for autumn stuff next week though. Please don't make us wait til November, TL!

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