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Thread: Gift sorting suggestion: food before materials

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    Gift sorting suggestion: food before materials

    Currently gift sorting is the oldest comes first. This is cumbersome when I'm trying to put new food gifts on the shelf, especially when food gifts are 6 pages behind and I have to scroll to them every time. Often times I receive several gifts, so this really takes a toll.

    Please change the sorting so the food comes first or the newest comes first, at least. I would love a feature to put multiple foods at once instead, but the new sorting would be a quick and easy solution.

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    Newest comes first on iOS. Yours is an android specific problem, and one of several reasons I choose to play on my ipad rather than my (android) phone.

    Eta to sum up I agree, gifts should always come first, and it would be great if the android versions had the same functionality as iOS.

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    I agree. I play on an android tablet and sifting through pages of parts (which I don't even need) to get to the food is annoying. It would be helpful to select multiple. Then you would only have to scroll once. Or fix the android glitch that places newest gifts at the end. Either one would work.

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