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Thread: It's expensive to run a bakery!

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    It's expensive to run a bakery!

    I just wonder when bakery and restaurant story are very similar games, why it is waaaaay more expensive to expand in bakery than it is in restaurant? I find most things more expensive in bakery compared to restaurant.

    Also wondered what the point was in serving food that costs a lot of time and coins to make when every item now generates the same cash value - 4 coins?

    Cheers, darkstar72

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    A while back TL did increase prices in Bakery Story. For more information you can read the below linked thread.

    Bakery Increase Prices thread.

    These changes will not be reverted at this time and TL believes this is the right decision to improve the game for a long term. If there are changes in the future, TL will visit this topic again and review more feedback.

    If you would like to discuss this further, please post a new thread under the
    Forum disputes forum and the community managers will address any of your concerns.

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