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Thread: Dragon Story Mining Guide

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    Lightbulb Dragon Story Mining Guide

    As I already did write more than 100 posts in this forum, I decided to open a thread, that might be useful to some players.

    So here is my

    Mining Strategy Guide.


    • Introduction
    • Basics
      • Wording
      • spending Gold

    • The Mining
      • general Information
      • recognize the grid
      • Step 1: approximate localisation of the fragment
      • Step 2: rake up the sectors
      • conclusion

    • After the first fragment


    The first shaft is available at lvl 45 (mining for dragon-parts), the second one at lvl 80 (mining island-parts for expansion).
    For the first shaft, you will ne need bombs, the second one requires dynamite.
    As a side-effect, you will also gain coins and crops through mining, which is pretty useful regarding the maximum amount of 500 crops (left mine)/ 1000 crops (right mine), you can find in one mining-spot.
    There are many threads in this forum about where to find the mine, how to get bombs and dynamite and so on, so I won't talk about those issues.
    In this guide, I'll concentrate on optimal mining strategies, presuming the reader knows what mining is all about.
    If not, here is a brief introduction:!

    If you follow my instructions, you will definitely get 1, almost everytime get 2, and even frequently get 3 or more fragments for each bomb.
    Regarding the fact, that english is not my original language, I appologize for any writing- and grammar mistakes in this guide. If you don't understand what I meant to say at certain points, be free to ask in this thread.



    For the left mine, you will need bombs, obtainable through evolving dragons in evolution temple, the right mine needs dynamite, obtainable through breeding dragons in your breeding den. For every 4 hours in temple/den, you will gain 1 dynamite/bomb. For example, a dragon, that takes 15 hours will get you 3 dynamite/bombs (3*4=12, the remaining 3 will be lost). To make it easier, I will use the word "bomb" for either dynamite and bombs.
    Each bomb will give you 12 trys to find a fragment (for dragon-crafting or expansion) in the mine. I will call these trys "bombings".

    Spending gold

    As in any other part of this game, you can use gold, to enhance your chance to get fragments.
    All prizes mentioned below are meant for the LEFT mine. Prizes for RIGHT mine are always the DOUBLE.

    1. ) While mining, you can buy 1 bombing for 1 gold each (maximum of 10 gold for first use, then 12 gold)
    2. ) In case you don't have bombs, you can buy 1 bomb for 8 gold, or 10 bombs for 40 gold
    3. ) You can speed up evolving/breeding to get bombs. Every 4 hours(= 4 gold) get's you 1 bomb. This even works for the dynamite! (no double prize here)

    In case you are close on time to collect parts for crafting dragons, you may be willed to spend gold to get fragments faster.
    I propose to only use option 3.) It's the cheapest way to get bombs and as "side-effect", you will advance your island. Even if you need to empty your nests first to put the egg from the breeding den inside, it still is the cheapest method.

    The mining

    general information

    Each bombing will either hit the fragment, or (in most cases) will give you a hint, where the next fragment is.

    • very close: the fragment is in 1-spot-distance to your current bombing
    • near: the fragment is in 2-spot-distance to your current bombing
    • too far: the fragment is further away than 2 spots from your current bombing

    After you have found a fragment, you can go on mining in the same mine, as long as you have bombings left.
    I'm not sure about the maximum number of fragments in a mine. My maximum was 6.

    recognize the grid

    The mining area is a virtual grid with 7 rows and 10 columns. Because you can't see the grid behind the beautiful image, you will need to get used to the fixed positions, where you can put your bombs at first.
    In case you are not already inured to this 10x7-grid, I suppose you take a look at the figure below and try to find the 4 corners on your own. Afterwards, you should try to get a feeling to hit a spot next to another and to hit a spot 2 spaces away. Try this horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Remember: In this first training we don't care about hitting the target. We just practice aiming.

    the corner and edge-positions of mining spots

    and the grid behind it

    For further consideration, I simplified the image to an excel-sheet with the 10x7-grid to explain strategies.
    I use abbreviations like (D4), which means the cell in row "C", column "4" in the grid I actually use.

    Step 1: approximate localisation of the fragment

    As you can see in the image below, you need up to 4 bombs, to determine the quarter, in which the fragment can be found.
    So you put your first bomb on (C3). In case, you are "very close" or "near", you only have to search in the red sector. If you read "too far", you advance to sector 2 (C8, the green one). These first two bombs already cover 71% of the whole grid and reduce the number of possible aims from 70 down to 25.
    Although there are other possibilities to split the whole grid into four, all-covering starting sectors, this one has the highest average chance to hit the fragment.
    In this and the following cases, I don't regard symmetries, because it doesn't make a difference in the result.
    So in the example above, you can also start at (C8), go to (C3), then (F8) and finally (F3). It's all the same.

    Step 2: rake up the sectors

    once you have found the right sector, you need to find the fragment in as few steps as possible. So we have to regard every configuration and its best solution.
    I will use the first configuration, to give a short glance on how I determined the best solution. For the other configurations you will only see the best solution, because the worse ones are not needed. (Trust me. Or take your time and try it on your own )

    case 0: you got lucky and hit the fragment with your first bombing:
    Congratulations! Go on mining. I won't consider this easy case any more

    case 1: Bomb in sector 1 or 2 -> very close:
    There are only 8 spots left, where the fragment can be. Without regarding rotation and mirroring of the grid, we only have 2 possible positions to put the first bomb (the first one after we've found the sector). As seen in the figure below, it is (A1) or (B1)

    The next bomb can again be "very close" or "near" ("far away" isn't possible any more). Now we have 8 possibilities to advance and we don't know yet, which one is the best.

    The further we advance, the more complex the system gets. So I won't explain more detail here.
    If I get enough positive feedback to this guide, I will add a section where I explain, how I determined the best solution for each grid. But this whole thing is a little tricky and takes some time, so it would be too much for this guide.

    Here is the result:

    How to read:
    The center of the figure is always the spot, you hit before. No matter where exactly in the main grid you are. Regard it as a relative view.
    The numbers are the amount of bombings we need, to reach a certain field. When we mine in this grid, we start with the first bombing on (1). The result tells us, where to go next. If we are "very close", we proceed to the only (2), that is 1 spot away from the (1).
    In case, it seems to be more than one possibility to predeed from one field to the next, then one of those is in conflict with any former information.
    If we are "near", we proceed to the only (2), that is 2 spots away from the (1). The same way with (3) and (4).
    The next strategy sheets work the same way.

    For your better understanding, here is a litte example:

    case 2: Bomb in sector 1 or 2 -> near:

    We do it the same way as we did before, we build up the best configuration. The black area is "very close" to our starting point, so there is no valid position:

    case 3: Bomb in sector 3 or 4 -> very close:

    Easier than the ones before:

    case 4: Bomb in sector 3 or 4 -> near:

    This is the easiest


    That's it! These four cases cover every configuration, we can get while mining. You just need to keep in mind, in which sector you are (don't leave the borders) and follow the instruction for the certain case.
    If you repeat it again and again, you will see that most cases are very similar and you will learn it fast.

    As a final result, I did combine the best solution for all configurations in a single, all-covering grid.
    In case you want to use the figure below, you just have to strictly follow the numbers and colors:

    usage (identical to the usage of the small sub-grids above):
    1. ) start with the blue spot (1)
    2. ) if you are "far away", you advance to the red (2)
    3. ) if you are "near", you advance to the yellow (2), that has an exact distance of 2 to your actual spot.
    4. ) if you are "very close", you advance to the green (2), that has an exact distance of 1 to your actual spot
    5. ) repeat 2) - 4) until you find the fragment. After you went to spot (2), you go on to (3), then (4) and so on.

    • In worst case, you need 7 steps to find the fragment.
    • In average, you will need 4.70 steps, to find a fragment.
    • In average, you will gain 2.55 fragments with each bomb!

    After the first fragment

    After you have found your first fragment, the next fragment will get a completely new position and you have to start with Step 1 (approximate localisation of the fragment) again.
    Some of the strategies above don't work any more, because the spots are already released. For the second fragment, I propose to use the starting strategy mirrored horizontally. So you don't start on (C3), but on (E3), advance to (E8), then (B3) and finally (B8).
    Anyway, from time to time you'll have to improvise a little. But this keeps the fun on it
    For the third (or even fourth or fifth) fragment, you usually dont have much more than 2 or 3 bombings left. So you should bomb in an area, where you already did hit a lot of spots, so the information gain for the cases of "near" or "very close" is a little higher than in blank area.

    Ok, that was all I could say about this topic so far. I hope it is not too complicated and you have fun and success trying those strategies and maybe get some more fragments, food and coin than before.
    As mentioned above, I can write a passage about how to determine the best strategy for each configuration in detail, if you are interested.

    That's it. Happy mining!
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    Very nice work. Best explanation of how the mine works that I've seen. I wrote a spreadsheet macro to help me track the the locations and suggest the strongest potential spots to mine. My real world average is only about 2.25 per bomb. I've often wondered if they manipulate the results when you are down to the last 50/50, becasue it sure seems to me that I guess wrong way more often than I get it right. I should track my results to see.

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    I've never measured the real average of fragments I got through mining, but though this is no representative statisic, I got 59 fragments from my 25 bombs for the new dragon. So this is an average of 2.36.
    The main loss is surely because of the few Information you get for the 3rd fragment. This is why it is rather unlikely to reach the theoretical maximum of 2.55

    But before I made up my mind about mining strategy, I reached an average of ~2, so in the long run, it is better not to mine without strategy.

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    I don't have any strategy, normally from one bomb I can get 1, 2, 3 or 4 parts, but one day I was lucky enough to get 5 parts from one bomb

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    This is a great guide! I tried to follow it but must have been reading the last picture wrong. I am definitely going to use those four spots as starting spots, I used to use the top mushroom, the bottom mushroom, and the spot to the left of the hammer head as my first 3. I'm going to read it over again and see where I went wrong, I could definitely use better mining skills as I frequently only find one piece per bomb, and it's extremely rare for me to find 3 pieces.

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    Would be cool, if any Mod could move this thread to the game guide section.

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    This is a very good guide. I had another strategy but that would not pick up the spots at the edges. Many thanks

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    Thank you, it really works

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    SaTy, thank you for your work and explanation! I'm still puzzeling on your tactics, for I can feel you're right, but I don't understand if fully

    Thanks to you I'm daring to make a second Obsidian, just to get the black gem
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