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Thread: Parts only -no food

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    Dec 2012
    Need neighbors who send parts daily I will do the same id joanmartins

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    Jun 2018
    Please add me: Nora265

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    Last edited by peekaboo09; 08-06-18 at 02:03 PM.

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    Jul 2018
    hi i am looking for new neighbors!
    i am a level 91 player and i have been playing bakery story for 5yrs

    i am looking for serious players who will respond to my requests and send daily gifts
    💙i do not tip on a regular basis but
    i will send daily gifts and respond to your material requests💙

    i monitor my neighbors regularly(sry if that sounds too strict)
    ppl who have neglected their bakery for more than 3 days will be removed from my neighborhood
    ( moldy food, no food on the counters, no response to material requests for more than 3 days)

    i prefer players over level 50
    but it is ok if you are a newbie as long as you are a regular player

    💚plz dont add me if you are not a regular player saves the trouble for both of us💚

    if you are a serious player looking for a neighbor who sends daily gifts plz add me!
    💜💜💜 storm8 id : chaj2 💜💜💜

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    ID: SennyIsSunny (Parts Player)

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    ID: peekaboo09
    level: 85

    _O N L I N E everyday
    _accepting only 3-4 star players
    _i only want PARTS(written on my wall) as gift no FOOD
    _post what you need on my wall or i will send you random parts thank you
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    Please add ookristenoo I need 3-4 star rated players who gift parts, tip daily (or every other day) and accept requests!!

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    Add me please I tip and gift daily and will respond to requests fairly quickly
    ID - JustinJustinA

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    Hi all add me! rebel_lovesong. I'm level 99 and I will try and gift and answer requests daily when time permits for me!

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    Aug 2018
    Add me: nxbiros

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