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Thread: Parts only -no food

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    Dec 2017
    id: Adikun

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    Add me : claudie63

    I need neighbors who accept requests and send parts daily, especially when there are new goals.
    I don't need tips because i don't have time to tip.

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    Hi, I have started a second bakery and would like some neighbours.
    PARTS ONLY, no food
    NO TIPPING is required and I don’t have time to tip back
    I play daily and send parts only, I fulfill all requests but don’t tip.
    Thanks for reading this, Sandy

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    Feb 2014
    Looking for neighbours who gift parts (goals during goals, basic parts otherwise), like to receive parts, and who respond to requests x

    do not care about tipping/visiting/what you have cooking

    my ID is: zipporah

    see you in the cafe!

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    I'm a level 99 daily player who gifts parts and answers requests throughout the day. I tip when I have time (I'm always 2 to 3 stars) and don't care about return tipping. If your game play is similar, please add robind30

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    Add me: poeszeze

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    Apr 2018

    I gift daily!

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    Storm ID:Yasmine727
    I also play RS(restaurant story)

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    I gift and tip daily from wall. Will gift whatever is gifted to me unless requested other wise. Please gift me basic parts.

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