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Thread: Parts only -no food

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    Parts only -no food

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.
    Hoping the moderators will move this for me.
    I need neighbors..I'm level 50 a 4 star daily tipper. I have 35 neighbors. That is all. If they send me food I delete them. I can make my own food. I don't want food. Lol I want parts. Not random parts like a dragon scale. What is that Even for. Basic parts. That's all. I don't require much. Just that you tip me and gift me.PARTS. and approve my requests just as I approve yours. If you send me a request let me know you seen it on the forum. I delete as soon as you send food tho. BAKER601
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    Add me ! sammy92567

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    add me: dindinmoshi. still a newbie but i will gift everyday.

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    Lulubelle64 - tips + gift Parts daily, also will delete if you send me food, thanks!

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    Hi! My Storm8 ID is Minimego.
    I am a 4 star level 99 daily parts gifter player. I am looking for active 3-4 star daily neighbors that level 40 or above who respond to request, and gift basic parts only daily. I do gift random basic parts daily and respond to requests. Food gifter or non active neighbor will be remove.
    Please add me if you play the same! Thank you very much!

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    OMG! This weeks items/goals "had me at hello" ☕️💗☕️💗
    Please add me for my IPhone & Tablet: Chimerah7 & KoffeeKups

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    Looking for higher level players (80 or higher, definitely no one under level 50) to gift parts daily. I would also prefer neighbors who understand that there is life outside of bakery story and everyone doesn't have the time to tip every neighbor daily, so if you're particular about that, please do not add. I will delete anyone who adds me from the forum and sends food and I will decline all lower level neighbor requests. No offense, but I have too many lower level dormant players on my neighbors list. ID is SatinDoll78. Thanks in advance and Happy Cooking!!
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    my id is emilyblue81! Daily player and gifter. I play both BS and RS.

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    Add me Azriemw3
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    I need neighbors who want parts

    Hi! I am having a problem with neighbors who only gift food, and I need parts badly. I am level 99, play and tip/gift daily. I am a level 4. If you want/need a neighbor who only gifts parts, please add me! My ID is:

    Thanks so much,

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