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Thread: Parts only -no food

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    Oct 2016
    need neighbours who will kindly send relevant parts and accept requests in a timely fashion during GOALS. thanks!

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    storm id: moonlightbaexo

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    Apr 2013
    Im active daily and gift parts only , especially during goals id: mamakittys

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    Please add me!!
    This is my new account for the reason that I cannot access my level 94 account!!!!!
    I tip and send gifts daily (or you can write your request on my wall so i will know what gift to send you). Thank you in advance ❤️


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    ID: auksinukas

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    Dec 2017
    I am a very active player. Tip, gift, and respond to requests daily. I'm looking for neighbors with the following qualities so that I can have a more enjoyable game play:

    -Keep your wall relatively clear
    -Post your gift preferences on your wall or mine, or send a request and I'll gift that item.
    -Are 3-4 stars
    -Most importantly, respond to requests and gift daily.
    -NEVER send me food. What I want will always be posted.
    -Silent tippers (and non tippers) welcome ^_^

    ID (RS & BS): kata_rei

    Looking forward to being neighbors with you ^_^

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    Hi there I am new recently started playing. I am level 25 about to be 26. I try to tip daily and gift (basic or goal parts) if not maxed. I always respond to materials requests . If you want add me ID: luvcooking17

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    Sep 2016
    hi I need good neighboors that gift parts not food, I am level 99. If you want a good neighbor feel free to add me Mi id YUREI79. I dont tip all the time but I like complete the goals thanks

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    hello plz add pinkcakeloveヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ

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    Nov 2016
    For BS, RS, & CS


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