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Thread: Parts only -no food

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    Oct 2014
    Hey everyone! Just got my ID back after over a year! Love this game and am looking for neighbors who gift parts! I gift daily and am lvl 99!

    Please add Xonar

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    Apr 2015
    Looking for daily level 99 parts only players.

    No tipping, and I don?t read my wall. Slow device. Add aniyahmae55 on RS and BS

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    Add me SweetStop2018

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    Add me please, daily player! Tip and gift everyday
    Also have Fashion, Restaurant, and Nightclub stories.

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    Add me: chaerbbang
    I played since it came out but took a break. None of my neighbors are playing!! And i need many tools for my ovens. I will send gifts and leave tips if you do the same. Thanks

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    Mar 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    ID: kimmy42. I am level 99 and only gift goal parts and answers requests. Sorry no tipping.

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    Sep 2015
    Hi! Just deleted most of my neighbours because they all seemed to have left the game So I'm looking for some new ones!

    ID: Haaas

    I'm a lvl 99 player
    I don't really tip and please don't gift with food

    I'm also on Restaurant Story so add me there as well!
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    I?m looking for 2-4 star neighbors. I?m usually a 3 or 4 star. I tip and gift (definitely gift during goals) all neighbors Monday-Friday. I tip off my wall and newsfeed (gift if there is a goal) during the weekend if I?m not too busy. Add me mermaidfox

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    Sep 2012
    My 🆔 is Lambysheep

    Goal parts ONLY. If you send me anything non goal related you will be deleted! I will not stand for selfish neighbors who gift non goal parts and then ask me for a goal part. I just had to delete some neighbors who were doing that. Please help me and I will help you!🤝

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    Feb 2019
    Add me - LJHIG

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