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Thread: Parts only -no food

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    Hi! I really need neighbors to send me parts and ill send back
    Add me :rosiecheeksxd

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    ID: Alice_Chess
    I need parts like wiring, Paint, and gear.

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    Plz add me: Hlubz20 on Bakery Story and Restaurant Story

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    Oct 2014
    You can add me too : mkj99 on Restaurant and Bakery Story. Any parts, I normally return what I receive. NO food, no no no!

    need players who remember that Wednesday is update day and hold their gifts until release (here's me hoping ...) or whatever the new day will be

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    On all the time! Add me! shelenebryant

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    Looking for gifting neighbors, tipping not required. I do try to keep at least a 3 but ALWAYS silent, meaning I do not post a comment on your wall, and life comes first so tipping is sporadic. I always send Oven Element unless there is another active part. I don't have time to check messages for the part you want so send me a part request, I always accept those as soon as I see them, otherwise I'll ignore your comment. Nothing personal, just a time thing.

    I currently have four accounts, totally unintentional so if you are willing to friend my alt accounts, I'll send you four gifts plus four part requests everytime I see them. Please be aware my alt accounts may appear to be inactive but they are not. I play/bake on all four when I have time but I gift (mostly) daily from all of them.

    StormID. - Bakery Name
    LindaT518 - Bakin'Net - main acct
    LT68 - Bakin'Fool - alt iOS acct
    LT0568 - Bakin'Crazy - new Android acct
    LTschap68 - Bakin'Nut - old Android acct
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    ID: Citrie

    Looking for relaxed neighbors to respond to requests. No need to tip! Life is busy and comes first, so no worries if you cant gift everyday. Just looking for generally active, parts only players!

    I play most all other Storm8 games as well, so add me in other places too!

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    Add me I tip and gift what you need as long as you post on my wall. Must be 3 or 4 star player monica561

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    Add me zennyyy I play daily

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