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Thread: Update: Festival Tent Quests

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    what pixsmith said...totally agree
    except I've only been playing about 8 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by oaktreemanor View Post
    Every time I try to visit the community my game shuts down. Is anyone else having this problem?
    I found this with my iPod touch 3rd gen. When I visit other kingdoms, it frequently crashes. It would crash in my own kingdom. What I did was force closed my game and all other apps. Force shut down the iPod and then restart. That would work for a bit.... Until the next crash.

    My Mom has an iPod touch 4G and she is having the same trouble. It may be the amount of RAM on the device. Some of the animations and graphics could bog down your device's memory and thus crashing.

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    Hopefully the coming Thursday will have a similar update that will give us a chance to use up some of our overflowing inventory (ex. it was nice to use up some flower petals and water) for some extra sun stones.

    I find it funny how I'm getting a better drop with the glimmer trapper plant the last couple of days. That's usually the one that's keeping me from doing the trades so I'm happy to get more of them ^_^ And nope Greselda still won't get her tent since I only have 7 belladonna's inscription at the moment so I need to keep my dark seeds and plants...

    Now I just need 11 more flame flags and 4 more braziers to upgrade my tent to level 7. That should be done in the next 3 days or so

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