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Thread: How many active players in CS? Based on sunstones :-)

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    How many active players in CS? Based on sunstones :-)

    I wonder if we can make a guesstimate how many active players Castle story has in total based on how many sunstones collected so far. It's about 151.000.000 so far in my counter. If I take myself as an average with 1429 stones so far that's about 105.668 active players.

    I think we forum folks are probably more addicted to the game than the average player... So what's your guesstimate or any wild speculation?

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    Well, I am a very active player, only I have not dropped everything else entirely in order to only collect sunstones. I have still been making the feasts I need to get the stuff from adventures I need for current quests, collecting from everything, and crafting supplies to upgrade buildings. As of this minute I have 986 sunstones. I would also guess that there are a lot of active players who have even less than I do because, while they are active, they do not play all day. I think the range of sunstones count is pretty big. Anyway, if the average is more like 1000 stones to this point, then the # of active players is more like 154,000. But I have no idea if my numbers are average or high or low. I *do* know that in general, the players of a game who post on that game's forum are not representative of all players. Those who play really hard are more likely to be on the forum than those who are active but more casual players, I think. On the other end of the spectrum, there could be a giant group of really avid players that put the rest of us to shame... but who do not speak English so we don't hear their voices here. So even if we took a survey here on the forum, I don't think we can take the forum posters as representative of the whole.

    Maybe someone from TL knows and would share that with us though.

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