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Thread: No longer supported error - Android version 1.0.8

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    No longer supported error - Android version 1.0.8

    Seems like many Android users are suddenly getting this error.. me included.

    Is City Story no longer available to anyone? .. or is this error temporary because it is in maintenance mode?

    Also, while I cannot access (and then I get sent to the iphone store ???) I am still getting notifications of factory processes.

    Please explain. Thx.

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    I don't have City Story but the same happened to Zoo Story on Android today. Hopefully TL will explain soon.

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    I am getting the same message for city story and nightclub

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    I too am getting this message on all of the above how long will it lst and will we get the games back?

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    I'm also down for the count. I got to level 100 a couple months ago and have been watching a couple dozen of my neighbors work their way up where they're very close to crossing the line too! I hope they get this back up as well as fix the 1 BILLION experience requirement to reach level 101 (otherwise it'll take me 130 years to reach it - and I've got 52 factories!)

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    I also got this message for city story - really would like to know what is going on.

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    Error messages: No longer supported. What's up wit that?

    I'm addicted also and need a fix if you get my drift. The error messages are not fun neither will I go to iTunes to buy what I already have TeamLava please fix.

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    No longer supported ??!!?? I am very p o ed only had 400,000 to go till level 100 this is Hooterville.where is TL on this issue???

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    For bakery story, the original bakery story app is fine for me. but bakery story's christmas and halloween from 2012 say that it is no longer supported. I'm actually really confused. I messaged team lava Ill see if they say anything

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    The same for me with City Story and Nightclub Story. I figured that it was legit. Are you guys saying it's just an error with Android devices?

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