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Thread: Castle Story: 08/07/15 Update World Event: Midsummer Pyre Festival

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    Quote Originally Posted by BriarAvenue View Post
    Cfm foregoing correct now that I hit the 1200 benchmark.
    400 less stones than what I anticipated.

    Those who lack 1 flag or brazier to upgrade to lvl 6,
    I suggest you to consider to skip with gems if you can.
    It's worth it as the stone drop rate will be 18 stones per collection.
    Other rates seem also increased. E.g. I had 3 boars from harvesting 16 glimmer bulbs
    And that gives me 5 sun stones. Think about it. I think it's worth spending the gems for the last item for your upgrading.

    Sun Stones drop rate increase from the Tent after each Tent upgrade Yes.

    Sun Stones drop rate from other resource has nothing to do with the Tent upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously700 View Post
    I hope you are right about this. I think the issue is one of diligence versus randomness, and I have read too many stories of diligent folks who were unsuccessful in past quests because their personal drop rate wasn't as robust as the average.

    My personal drop rate so far is just under 25% - 5 braziers in 21 diligent collections since reaching level 3. At this rate, I'll have enough braziers to reach level 7 with 4 or 5 days left in the event. That's not terrible, but not great, and that's with what I think is a rather diligent collection rate of 5 a day. If going forward I start getting drops a third of the time, that would save me 3 days.

    Whenever I read about someone getting a really great drop rate in these quests, I figure there's someone else out there that's getting a really low drop rate as a statistical offset.

    I assume the drop rate of sunstones is much better for higher level tents, but even though I've been reading all the posts, I don't recall the specifics and I don't see the tent drop rates listed on the first page. But if so, it would be advantageous to be able to update the tent sooner than later.
    It's 24 stones every 4 hours at level 7. I have impulse control issues and gemmed through

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennerwein1 View Post
    I have not seen a single troll since the beginning of the quest. I am harvesting, collecting from buildings. Only thing is: I need to upgrade the troll castle, maybe that will fix it. Anyone else have this problem? I' m staring to think they are all hiding, not wanting to give out their sun stones!
    If you completed the Troll questline, and Kaz went away, then the trolls went with him and aren't spawning right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by katbtodd View Post
    Tap a Ali... Got my 40 energys And got my self rock outcropping..and started choping...,frist chop a boar,,, and again a boar and again and again.... Until I run out of energies and still had the rock standing,.. That has never happen,,, before
    For this reason, I parked a boar again and haven't fought beasts since the quest to kill 5 of them. I'm at nearly 1200 sunstones, and averaging 224 per day just with 2 manticores, 4 dragons, tent, crafting, rocks, and quests (yup, no Alicorn!); so fighting is kind of unnecessary IMO. I'll clear 4000 by the time the event is done.

    Quote Originally Posted by boxesj View Post
    How much stones to collect for last personal level? I couldn't play next couple of weeks... Just to see whether I have a chance by this Friday...
    Answer in next quote, from post #2 of this thread. Lots of great info there!
    Quote Originally Posted by Aggwynn View Post
    Prize 1 - 150: Bonfire
    Prize 2 - 450: Flame Flag x 10, Fancy Beam x 5, Fancy Block x 5 , Wool x 15, Coins x 75
    Prize 3 - 1200: Caged Pyrefly x 1 (size 2x2, decoration)
    Prize 4 - 2000: Wisp Lantern x 5, Energy x 20, Coins x 10,000, Gems x 5
    Prize 5 - 3000: Not finished yet

    Quote Originally Posted by mcsyndrome View Post
    Anyone know whether level 7 is the highest you can level up the tent? I hope that's the highest level, since I'm sure I can get to that level before the end of this event without spending gems.
    Yes, level 7 seems to be the cap for now. Info about what's needed for each level is in post #2 of this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by mamareader02 View Post
    Does anyone know if the last " personal goal" is a decoration ? I seriously hope not,with all the energy sapping we are doing to get those sunstones.i hope it drops something,is worth our time,like the birthday kitty on FS2 was.for the first time,I used all alicorn available
    See below. All decorations.

    Reposting CottageRose's image for the many requests to see the items. It's from a few pages back.
    Quote Originally Posted by CottageRose View Post
    By popular request, I put out the Bonfire, the Fire Faerie Statue and the Caged Pyrefly:

    Back after ~2 years off from games.

    CS: Level 50. FFS: Level 136, with room to grow. Not playing DS anymore.

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    How can you get more Mithril?

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    Thank you hugpete.That explains it, the troll castle is finished. I kinda liked them

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4GrandmaD View Post
    How can you get more Mithril?
    THIS THREAD may help you out in collecting more Mithril.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuskmage View Post
    Sun Stones drop rate increase from the Tent after each Tent upgrade Yes.

    Sun Stones drop rate from other resource has nothing to with the Tent upgrade.
    May be not for you, but it works for me.
    I think I am getting sun stones faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    My bonfire is sitting right behind my cows. Thks NWs for that! You can't smell the odor of burning dung over your way?

    Some of my neighbours have placed it behind the purple cow, one behind dragons; I have it behind a manticore.

    (it would have been so nice if the bonfire had actually burned!)
    I am Zelda

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    Really? The pyre fly cage is sitting in a teeny pile of troll snot. I can only assume from its design that the cage is top heavy, and the troll snot is being used like epoxy to keep it from falling over. Sigh.
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    I don't know why my brazier drop rate is so low! My tent is at level 6, I'm working on updating it to level 7. I have 12 flags so far and only 1 brazier! I wish my drop rate for braziers was 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 4 like all of you guys are saying!
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