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Thread: What are your favorite iOS games?

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    What are your favorite iOS games?

    Hey Kings and Queens!

    We want to know what other types of games you play! Please list and share with us your top 5-10 favorite iOS games to play! You can list them in any order you want. Thank you!

    Note: For this thread only, you are free to post any third party games that would otherwise not be allowed elsewhere.
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    All other iOS games I play are nothing like Castle Story....although I admit, I have now downloaded Castleville just to see what all the hub-bub is about.

    ...and I don't know any other way to say this without it sounding rude & so I apologize ahead of time, but ...
    What diff does it really make anyway & who cares?... Their icons aren't up for grabs either.

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    If you have feedback on the new icon, please do not post them here. You can continue to post them in this thread HERE.

    The games don't need to be similar to Castle Story at all. We're just interested in any other iOS games that you play. If you'd like to share, please list your top 5-10.
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    Well, for me, I like to play:

    1. Make it Rain - The Love of Money
    2. Family Feud and Friends 2
    3. 2048
    4. Parallel Kingdom
    5. Wheel of Fortune
    6. Tiny Wings
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    I normally like simple games that don't take too much thought: Temple Run 2, Match Dots, KittenUp, and CatsAway. I think I like this games because they don't need WiFi or data to play. I also enjoy playing Infection and Royal Revolt 2, both of which require some strategy and WiFi/Data usage.
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    Kind of a tough one, because for the last 18 months or so, the only game I've focused on has been Castle Story. It's only in the last few days that I've begun to go back through the thousands of apps I have on iTunes to see what else might occupy some time. Right now I don't have that many games installed on my iPhone or iPad.

    One that I play somewhat often is called TowerMadness, a fairly decent tower defense type game. A single game doesn't take too long, and is mentally challenging. The biggest challenge, for me, it trying to win each level without having to buy cheats. To me, buying cheats in a game ruins the fun, as long as the levels can actually be solved without them. In this particular game, I'm coming to the realization that winning without the cheats may not be possible.

    I used to play Angry Birds for a while, then was sidetracked by Castle Story. Haven't gone back to AB yet, but I might play that again sometime. Again, you can work through the levels, and not take a lot of time each time around.

    I love Casino games, Solitaire or other card games you can play on your own with no network access. I also like a good auto racing simulator, as long as the physics are realistic.

    One game recently I thought I could get into was The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth. But I didn't care for the overall gameplay, having to fight against real neighbors, and overall the realtime nature of it. Something Dungeon's & Dragon's related, like the old Bard's Tale and Wizardry games, or Summoner. I spent many hours playing those years back on my desktop.

    I'm going to sidetrack slightly and give a bit of feedback on what I don't like about TeamLava games is that they force you to play online. I love playing on my iPad, but it is Wifi only. And sometimes, I just don't have Wifi available where I'm at. Ideally, there needs to be some amount of gameplay that can be done offline, and later be able to Sync Up to the TL servers when they become available.

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    Kingdom Rush 1&2; The Room 1&2; Badland; The Tribez; Jelly Defense; Horn; Eufloria; Bard's Tale; XCOM Enemy Unknown; Republique; Bastion

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    Solitaire, magic puzzles, and for a while I played Tiny Sheep and things like Megalopolis, but those got boring really fast cos there's nothing to do but build and collect. You don't make anything and there's no real strategy involved. I also played Hay Day for a while but got bored. Right now I'm playing pyramid 2, which has little build real fast scenarios and it's playable over and over and fun, if a little nerve wracking. I don't like to use cheats either. I also download hidden object adventure games but only play the free introductory bits. I loathe Angry birds and that ilk. They seem stupid and a complete waste of time to me. I tried Majesty, but it wasn't the same as on the PC, same with SimCity. I would *love* to have a good SimCity on my iPad. Townsmen was good for a while, but it also had the same building limitations.

    I guess I like a good strategy building game the best. with cute animals. Not pink unicorns, tho, lol.
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    I like Strategic games, and also solo that do not need always wifi access, as well as games that are simple just to ease the stress of a long day, ( card games like Solitaire ) though I should say, Castle Story is my daily fix, so here are some, in no particular order:

    -Ticket To ride / by Days of Wonder
    -Leaping Lemmings / GMT Games
    -Castle Story / Storm8
    -Medici/ Sage Board Game
    -Tichu/ Urs Hostettler & Fata Morgana Spiele
    -Ra/ Reiner Knizia & Sage Board Games
    -Battleline / Gourmet Gaming
    -Mystery Crime Scene / Storm8
    -Home Design / Storm8
    -Restaurant Story/ Storm8

    PS. I have other Storm8 games ( i.e. Bubble Mania / Slots / Bingo etc... ) but I do not play them daily like Castle Story.
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    Dragon story
    Words with friends (it's like scrabble)
    4 pics 1 word
    Quite liked dragon vale in the beginning but began to get bored with it so no longer play
    Was seriously addicted to candy crush but couldn't get past level 210 and eventually gave it up. I would go back to it if I could get past that level

    I love word games and challenge games.

    But most of all, I love Castle Story.
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