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Thread: Restaurant Story Update: 7-30-2014

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    Restaurant Story Update: 7-30-2014

    Who hasn?t dreamed of drifting through the sky upon a fluffy white cloud? Clouds are far from fluffy, but it?s still fun to imagine yourself enveloped in pillowy clouds. Make your dream a reality with the Cloud Loveseat in Restaurant Story!
    Enjoy floating on Cloud Nine with these items:

    • Cloud Counter
    • Clouds
    • Cloud Table
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    Yikes... this is bad.
    cuz smallbux... sux!

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    It reminds me of the Care Bears books and show from the 80s! Cute!

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    I think I will pass.

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    Um....yeah. The wallpaper and the wall clock could be usable, I guess. But definitely not with the tile, because this entire thing is just cloud overload. There's no real variety here, but with a cloud theme...not sure how much there could be. I probably just wouldn't even attempt this to begin with. You have a ton of clouds on the wallpaper, a ton of clouds in the flooring, the stool is a cloud, the table is a cloud with a glass top, the clock is a cloud, the sofa is a cloud, and the counters are a glass prison for clouds. There are too many clouds in this theme of clouds!
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    All they need is marshmallow-based dish. Or cotton candy.

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    Oh my.....hmm.....most likely not buying a lot with this update....yikers!
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    This is gawdawful. Pass

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    Interesting...I think I like everything here. So refreshing and different.

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    I bet the designers for this must be on cloud nine mood. *Beware of incoming clouds coming your way in rs soon*
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