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Thread: Placeing Food on counters

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    Placeing Food on counters

    I wish you decide which counters to put food on. I like the fashion story you decide where to put the cloths. I would like to put certain foods on counters that go with the of the tables. Like when I had Halloween food. I could have put the Halloween on the right counters to match. I don't like that they go anywhere.

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    Actually, you can manage it quite well, if you're very, very, very carefull. A dish will always go to the oldest empty counter.

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    Before I place food I look around to see what empty counters are available, if any. If I have several empty ones, I'll put some away. If I forget and have several counters of the same food, I'll just cook 1 batch of French toast to consolidate everything & then dump the toast & then put away counters I don't want.

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