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Thread: Restaurant Holiday Suggestion Thread 9-11-14

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    Restaurant Holiday Suggestion Thread 9-11-14

    Hey guys, with some major holidays approaching, please post what you would like added to the game for the Holidays!
    You can also start posting Winter suggestions!
    Recipes, decorations, etc!
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    I would love to have the pizza mummy and witches stew. Maybe some Halloween drinks. A bat smoothie with a bat flying over the drink. A ghost drink. Witch drink. Mummy lasagna maybe. Dracula cookies. Devils food cake. Zombie donuts. Spider web cake.

    A new haunted house. Some new Halloween waiters. HAUNTED HAYRIDE. Halloween door! Halloween host counter. Maybe have the host dressed up with a Halloween costume. Black shiny tiles. Flying bats wallpaper with stars in the sky. Mummy tables. Bring back the graveyard dividers.* A Halloween wedding scene.

    I would love standing prime rib, holiday ham and fruit cake for Christmas. Banana pudding. Green bean casserole. Garlic bread. Broccoli with cheese. Belgian waffles with grapes.

    More people of color like the pizza man.
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    More traditional Thanskgiving and Christmas side dishes
    Elegant dining tables and chairs
    More seasonal styles of flowers and shrubbery
    New dining patrons dressed for the holidays
    More helpers
    Traditional Christmas trees
    Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus
    An elegant Thanksgiving family dinner display
    An elegant Christmas family dinner display
    Sometimes, you just gotta shake your head, so you won't pop off at the mouth.


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    Traditional decorations, green Christmas tree, Christmas windows with lights, a couple kissing under the mistletoe, a staircase decorated for the holidays ( Thanksgiving or Christmas), Thanksgiving or Christmas Door, (as said above) some elegant Christmas tables and chairs, A hutch with Seasonal dinnerware.

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    Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce.
    Bonfire with s'mores
    Pumpkin decor
    Fake snow and small leaves to scatter on the floor
    Milk and cookies display for Christmas

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    Halloween is coming up, and I'm so excited to completely deck out my restaurant with Halloween and spooky items!

    Please in October, please spooky/Halloween goals, AND update AND new Box - previous years have been excellent with so many new dishes and items for this time of year - please do the same again this year!!

    Spooky outdoors items would be great! New outdoor spooky wallpaper, with scary trees, grave stones, zombies coming out of the ground, cast iron fence (divider), werewolf, vampire, witch - all of these things combined, players could create excellent spooky scenes!

    Thanks for listening Team Lava!

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    I would appreciate some recipes that had a $10.00 or higher profit per plate. The highest we have now is $6.00 per plate.
    Sometimes, you just gotta shake your head, so you won't pop off at the mouth.


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    Thank you so much for starting this thread, Kooky! I've got a lot of suggestions and a lot of pictures... here goes!

    AUTUMNAL/SEPTEMBER EQUINOX (Okay, maybe not a conventional holiday, but it's recognized as one!)
    Autumn stuff please! I'd love to see some trees with browning leaves as floor decorations, preferably freestanding and un-potted (as in, just the tree and nothing else attached. Most of the trees we get in the game have people underneath or something else attached, or are potted if they're freestanding, so it would be nice to have a tree by itself). Maybe we could also get some dirt floor tiles, kids having fun in a huge leaf pile, a rake wall hanging, falling brown leaves as a wall hanging (like the picture below, but brown or multicolored instead of black), etc.
    -Recipe Suggestions: Pumpkin Skewers (please make this a new grill recipe if this happens!), Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Cider (this is a locked recipe on the Drink Machine; perhaps it could be unlocked again for a limited time? Or maybe we could get something similar to it please?)
    -Inspiration Pictures:

    Obviously October will probably be more focused on Halloween, but RS features cultural items and celebrations from around the world (we even had Chinese New Year goals), so maybe we could get something for Diwali in October? Maybe a festive lamp arrangement floor decoration like the one pictured below, or a hanging lamps wall decoration, and some Indian children enjoying sparklers? This could also be a good time to add some Indian food to the menu like people have been requesting!
    -Recipe suggestions: Besan Laddu, Aloo Gobi, Masala Chai (could be done on stove top rather than a drink machine)
    -Inspiration Pictures:

    Perhaps we could have a Costume Party as the overarching goal theme? We could get items like costumed guests (preferably with different skintones), a spooky refreshments table, a mummy waiter (this could go well with the Egypt goals we had in August), and more! Maybe a costumed Phoebe or a costumed Chef Lee could also make an appearance!
    -Appliance/Recipe Suggestions: a punch bowl, which could serve Blood Punch, Slime Punch, and Witches' Brew Punch (picture suggestions below), and a Spooky Snacks Station/Machine which could serve Gummy Eyeballs, Brain Cupcakes, and Finger Dip!

    -Miscellaneous: It would be really cool to see our bots in costume! I think this happened in a previous Halloween version of RS, so it would be really cool to see again! Also, maybe some previous seasonal recipes like the Pumpkin Porridge, Ghost Peppers, etc. could be brought back? And of course loads of Halloween decorations!

    A festive new door with an autumn wreath would be great! And it would be lovely to see Gran-Gran in a rocking chair
    -Appliance/Recipe suggestion: SOUPS! Nothing says autumn quite like soup! For an appliance, perhaps we could get a large soup pot/crock pot like this one pictured below (left), except appliance-sized? It could have soup recipes like Butternut Squash Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, and Potato Leek Soup. It would be great if the individual servings could come in little crocks with handles, like the picture on the right!

    Maybe a second appliance could be a pie oven or personal pie maker, and we could get pies for the holiday! Recipes that come to mind are Sweet Potato Pie, Pecan Pie, and Cranberry Pie - I believe we already have Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie as recipes on our regular appliances. If this happens, I wouldn't mind seeing the Pie Rack from Bakery Story ported over! It's the 2x1 item in the middle left in the second picture.

    -Other Misc. Recipes: Nut Loaf (for regular appliances)

    Request thread here! Please bring back previous goal items!!

    DECEMBER HOLIDAYS (Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Christmas/Boxing Day/Winter Solstice)
    I'd love to see a pile of gifts, which could be used for really any holiday this season; some bare trees following the autumn request; a snowy floor tile which just looks like a small drift of snow; a snowing background for coins; people bundled in scarves, ice tables with snowball stools; snowball piles, a festive new door with winter wreath/window showing snow outside... anything winter-related!
    -Recipe suggestions: Roasted Chestnuts, Winter Citrus Salad (winter is actually a very good season for citrus!)

    I'd love to see a New Year's Masquerade update! These could be either a regular update or integrated into December Goals. I'd love to get a Moonlit Night background, masks as wall hangings (the Mardi Gras mask is looking lonely) or even a wall of lights wall hanging (picture below), masked guests dressed in gowns and suits, a Party Favors table with noisemakers and party hats, etc.
    -Appliance/Recipe Suggestions: Sparkling Ciders (Pear, Apple, Blueberry), Golden Crackers with Cheese, Countdown Cake, New Year's Ball Cake Pops on a New Year's Drink Machine and New Year's Oven respectively.

    Thank you TL! I know it's very unlikely all of these are going to make it to the drawing board, but I hope some of them do! I can't wait to redesign my restaurant during the holidays!

    DISCLAIMER: All images above found on Google Images and used with permission.
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    Halloween- Lots of creepy looking and sounding food. The challenge should naturally keep in the spirit of the holiday. I loved the lab assistant and lab experiment from last yr. Maybe the Action Chef and Phoebe would b dressed up in costume.
    Thanksgiving- I don't remember that challenge last yr but I do have quite a few decorations that I must've gotten from a mystery box. I think a few turkey dinner would b appropriate as part of the challenge. Turkey shaped appliances r a must.
    Christmas- I went all out 4 this one last yr. I had plenty of gems leftover from the Black Friday Sale so I was going thru the boxes like there's no tomorrow. We've gotta have a festive holiday meal so the settings and decor have to match. A roaring fireplace w either a cat or a dog curled up in front of it would b nice. I remember the challenge from 2012 cuz it was the 12 Days of Christmas and hopefully ull come up w something like that this yr. I doubt anyone would fly thru that 1 like they do now a days.
    Overall I'm not picky about decor since I've got so much of it already. I'll just find the best way to mix in this yrs w previous yrs.
    It would b nice if u allowed us, even for 1 day, to purchase more of the items u removed last yr that we might already have ij stock. I'm not talking about challenge items or mystery box items. I'm referring to everyday items, like those monster tables.
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    The Diwali theme it would b so different and unique and masquerade party for new year please.

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