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    I just deleted this game. This is the first game I've ever deleted for this reason: the levels are impossible and solely meant to extract money from customers. I've completed every single level of Candy Blast Mania, Fruit Mania, and more. I only state this to show that I'm not an idiot. I can beat tough levels of tough games. However, Cupcake Mania is no longer fun because there is such an obvious ploy to scheme people to get money. I know this probably will not change because Storm8 has a history of disregarding customer complaints, but just wanted you to know that you've lost one customer because your "game" is not fun and you're to greedy to make it fun.
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    Hi, Jdevous123. Thank you for sharing your feedback.

    Can you please email your feedback to with more details about your experience so we can share your feedback and send me a PM with the ticket number? Thanks!

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