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Thread: Crystal Unicorn - 2014 Jul 24

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    Used Solar Simian and Chameneon. Got it on the 4th try

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    This is unrelated, but I just got the crystal unicorn!!! I wasn?t able to get the growlin, but the fey dream contest told me to breed the sylph kitten and the planters and it worked!!!! If anyone has both of those to you should try it and let me know if it works for you too 
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    Finaly! 45h! Celtic Cub & Allagater. I'm so happy! 😀😎😃✌️️

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    I've been waiting for 2 months to post this... After 60+ breeds I finally got a 45 hour timer! It was the 14th breed with Thunderhawk (Electric, Nature) and Hottweiller (Earth, Fire). Now I gotta hurry and clear out some new space and get that habitat building. I'm over the moon ��.

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    How can I get a unicorn? Which animal should I breed?

    How can I get a unicorn? Which animal should I breed?
    And what does that mean by 4 elements?
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    If you're passed the level and can actually breed the Crystal Unicorn, you just need to use four separate elements. Fire, water, earth, nature, dark, electric, all good. Just make sure they're different. Then it's just pure luck after that. There are a thousand and one different combinations to use. You can get lucky and breed one early on or you can be like me and not get one till you're level 200. Lol

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    Take advantage of info on the forum. When I started my baby account and had reached the crystal unicorn level I looked thru some of the older threads on breeding and found a combo that worked first shot. Sorry I don't remember which thread it was or what the magic combo was. It might have been hydro yak and
    Magmacore but I'm not positive. Good luck!

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    WHOOP!!!! After quitting for a while, now at lvl 76 I FINALLY got the CU!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Turtisle (15) en Armordillo (10)! I think the 5-7th try this run.

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    Still no CU for me.. :'(

    In all fairness I quit playing for a period. But back and trying! Still breeding those 4 elements in between storybooks etc and started to keep a 'journal' of my tries since a few days. Decided to try some 'seem to give a CU often in these months' a try for 5 times in a row then try another combo for five times etc. Had a few new awesome other additions to the family whilst trying tho. So with a happy and positive attitude *keeping my fingers crossed* . Currently at level 67 almost 68. GL everyone!
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