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Thread: Castle Story: 07/17/2014 Update Midsummer Caravan

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    For those of us not maxed out on level and supplies, it is a tall order but doable. To break it down by base resources for each item for the caravan, as I count it :

    75 wood
    100 silver ore*
    100 coal*
    150 roast chickens*
    150 cabbages
    150 carrots
    100 wheat
    60 milk
    50 hides*
    100 wool
    150 mushrooms
    100 purple petals
    100 blue petals
    220 white petals
    120 orange petals
    90 red petals
    455 water

    [* indicates that item can only be gotten from sources not guaranteed to give you any - 10 clicks and you may get anywhere from 0-10.]
    That is a total of 2,290 resources. If you have to collect them all, over 14 days, that is 164 per day.
    Which may be more or fewer clicks depending on if your researched Aquifers and Agriculture. For me, the big problem is hides - I very recently got my first dragon egg drop from the Roost. So I spent all my hides building and upgrading libraries (level 2 = 25 hides) AND just used up my remaining hides in the Trapper Trade JUST before this event began (*facepalm* - didn't know we'd get it today). And hides are a PITA because, if you have my luck, you can click a dozen cows and sometimes only get 1-2 hides from those 12 clicks. Hides are going to be my biggest problem. That and silver ore, for the same reason - you can click many times and not get any.

    Potion Shop - 65 crafts = 5 / day (collect and use an average of 45 petals per day).
    Workshop - only the 15 beams and 5 cloths is easy to manage time-wise.
    Magic Forge - nothing.
    Kitchen - just 20 flour and 10 bread.

    I think it's doable by anyone who manages their time wisely. For example: I am working on collecting the things that go into other things first. The mushrooms I will get once I've done everything else since they regen quickly and are assured. The only problem I see is the items you depend on chance to get - hides and silver ore mostly, but anything with a * on my list. There is nothing like having FINALLY gotten up to 9 hides from 0, and clicking 12 cows, and getting only ONE hide. It's already driving me crazy.

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    Does anyone know which Valentine flowers yield the most red petal drops? I don't have the red trillium but I have all the Valentine plants, I think.

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    It's not that the caravan is unattainable - I'm actually pretty well stockpiled, even in dyes. It's just that I would spend so much time growing cabbages and carrots, and gathering mushrooms. For some reason, those are my least favorite things to do unless there's some payoff at the end. I would love to hear what people have found in their treasure troves. If there were expansion permits or large quantities of gold nuggets, I would totally be on board.

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    I don't think I saw this mentioned for Part 3 so I will ask: do we have to collect from a certain level of cottage or just any random cottage? It didn't seem that the watchtower had to be a particular level to unlock the caravan, but the gazebo collects were all for a particular level 1-5.

    Just wondering if I also need to upgrade my cottage to level 5 during this or not.
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    Does this mean I must have a watchtower ? I only have spires.

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    Too many expensive requirements, it takes all the fun out for me. I am not doing this one.

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    I started the quest since I don't have much else to do at this time.

    That being said it's likely most of us will regret spending any of these resources when we come into next week's update without fully stocked inventories and it turns out to be another extremely time-limited quest that requires you to have full stockpiles if you're not going to spend gems.

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    This does take up a lot of resources and energy for sure but it's kinda nice to take a break from the Sister Sister goal.
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    Agree 100 percent with you. I see no fun in doing this quest!

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    So , I see it this way. Most of the stuff that we are using right now in this quest we dot really use that much anyways, and/or it is a lot but I mean come on we have 14 days. I know there are tons of people in here who look for thigs to do on the game as I do bc ur tired of everything being maxed out. Thank u TL for making it a chalks he with in reach. For those people that dot feel that this is a fair quest TL made it so you have the OPTiON to do this or just continue on with your normal game. A lot of people are at the end of thier quests and this gives them motivation to continue on.

    Js. Anyways first time I've posted on here lol thanks everyone for the hints that's have helped me along the way <3

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