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  • Peacock

    143 30.95%
  • Centaur

    127 27.49%
  • Wishing well - chance of random potions

    253 54.76%
  • Frog Prince

    147 31.82%
  • Farmers market

    198 42.86%
  • Knowledge shard - chance of energy from animals

    287 62.12%
  • Exchange - fish for troll stuff

    127 27.49%
  • Higher wizard school levels

    209 45.24%
  • Glimmerbulb juice

    72 15.58%
  • Black rose - drops dark seeds

    271 58.66%
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Thread: Castle: Poll and Suggestion Thread - 14 July 2014

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    Rhino Keeper
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    May 2013
    third kitchen, third kitchen, third kitchen..... Can I make that any clearer? Oh how about kitchen number 3?

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    Red face

    Since everyone is complaining about the colors of the new buildings, I was thinking that it would be cool if there could be a color dial for some of the buildings/decorations/etc. in our kingdom.
    First off, this would be a great way to quiet the complainers- they can make the so called troll snot any color they like, and change the color of the pyre tent, etc. I happen to really like the pyre tent- it looks so pretty at level 7, but obviously some people don't agree,
    Second, this would be a great way for people to customize their kingdoms! We could decorate according to coloring and it would give each kingdom a really unique look, instead of each person just having the same buildings.
    I think this would be a really cool idea! It would be a major update, and the complainers will have something new and positive to focus on.
    Thank you Team Lava, I love your games!
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    Quote Originally Posted by behindthepurplesmoke View Post
    Since everyone is complaining about the colors of the new buildings, I was thinking that it would be cool if there could be a color dial for some of the buildings/decorations/etc. in our kingdom
    This is a great idea! Is this possible to program?
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    Please give us a third kitchen. I think this is way more necessary than any of the stuff listed above especially now with the new plume hive adventure please, please, pretty please!!!!!

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    Nov 2013
    I like the idea of a frog Prince. It would be great to have a chocolate fountain of sorts to give us cocoa, chocolate cakes and other stuff that is needed to make food for dry sands adventure. Why not have Easter theme and with it comes a rabbit that give new fur, rabbit meat, new food for new adventure and all new chocolate items. It doesen't have to be a theme about hollidays Why not have a western theme or a science fiction where a ufo comes from a far far world from there for a Quick wisit to see our land. Why not have mysterius dungeon

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    I'd like to be able to turn my herd in every direction and to store items that don't fit aesthetically, like the roost.

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    Oct 2013
    I would like to see more drops for some of the special gem items. Lumin or enchanted essence from the mermaid pond. Vital extract and maybe ornate beam from the living wood tree, dyes from the multicolr hedge etc. Like the maple tree and fish market have rare drops and those are worth collecting from even if maxed on the regular item.

    My favourite part of the game was the Tablet of Tabernum so I would love to see more shards added.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Memphis, Tennessee
    My suggestions are more operational. I have not read all the pages, so apologize if repetitive.

    Revamp categories in "Inventory." Please! Get rid of "Consumables" and replace with something like "Nature." I'm guessing that wouldn't take a lot of recoding? I am constantly going through pages of inventory to check levels of some seldom used crop. I've never had anything in "Consumables." Had anybody.

    More changes to inventory would be welcome, but that alone would help a lot. Thanks for giving a chance to express this.

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    ALL of their games lack some sort of sorting options... be it for inventory or trying to select certain items from a larger group.

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    Apr 2013
    I have an idea that would be fun!

    When we are all caught up with collections and are just moving trees and flowers around because there's nothing left to do (yes....I do it all the time!!) --

    How fun it would be to be able to enter the different tents and buildings and play little mini-games?? Just a Find-a-Word, Connect Three, HangMan, or some other time-wasting but fun games? We could earn a gem or a token, and be great fun while we are waiting for our energy to refill or an item to finish.

    Even the games could be CS-themed, we go into the Fish Market and match 3 kinds of fish, go into Griselda's Castle and Seek Words that are kinda evil (carnivorous plants, etc.)...

    What does everyone think about this?

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