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Thread: Looking for active neighbors who gift everyday. Tipping not required

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    Add me, I accept material requests and gift. I'm on bakery story and restaurant story everyday. MasterNugget

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    Jul 2015
    I am in desperate need for neighbors for current goal. I answer request and try to gift according to your needs. I don't care if you are a daily tipper. Please add ID: Gudrix.

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    I gift every day and respond to all request for specific items. I try to tip when I remember, or when I've been tipped. I'm level 99 and my ID is: HowlingEcho88

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    Looking for new neighbors, I do not discriminate based on "status". I regularly play, and will return favors!
    Add mstrickland93, please😊

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    Need neighbors who do goals and gift goal parts DAILY and answer gift requests DAILY and I will do the same.
    I don't care about tipping and I generally don't tip unless I have to for a goal.

    If you enjoy building goal appliances then we're good for each other!

    Thank you.

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    Add me please I tip and gift daily and will respond to requests fairly quickly
    ID - JustinJustinA


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    I play daily & check my messages often through out the day. I send a daily part & fill request. I do not have time to tip. If you do the same, pleas add:


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    id: signupme

    online everyday thank you

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    i gift everyday, wanting people to help out with requests and stuff, i play everyday

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    I DO NOT TIP so you never have to tip me either. I do log in most days, accept Parts requests & Gift you back whatever Part you gift me. Please NO FOOD gifts and also please don?t add me if you barely check in to play/gift/accept Parts requests. If we have the same playing style please add GP1988

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