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Thread: Looking for active neighbors who gift everyday. Tipping not required

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    Gift daily! If theres a certain part you need let me know
    Try to tip daily also

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    Jessooca -- I feel your pain!

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    i answer all gift requests for parts daily & also would like to be gifted parts, will tip also if i visit your bakery

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    LVL 99 player, looking for active neighbors

    I'm a daily gifter and reply to all material requests

    I only tip when I'm really bored and I don't expect tips from my neighbors

    please add me

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    My id is 123queenb (posted using different account)

    Please add me. I am also looking for nbrs who don't require me to tip them everyday.
    I am level 99 player, gift daily (will return what you send me or default basic parts/goal parts) and I check for material requests throughout the day. My device only has wifi connection not 3G so there are some occasions that I can't get on that day if I'm out and about with no wifi but I usually play every day.
    I will bakery hop tipping from time to time but my star rating is usually between 0-2 but mostly prefer not to exchange tips.
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    add me pls : minnie_143
    I gift parts and accepts requests daily

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    I just started playing this recently.
    Add me too: tintinrelos

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    -tips daily
    -gifts by request

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    Add me ! sammy92567

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    please add me. i'm still a new player but i play everyday and will respond to requests.

    id: dindinmoshi

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