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Thread: Looking for active neighbors who gift everyday. Tipping not required

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    Add me Bonds Backery 007blockhead 😊😊

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    Id: prettyrhythmn

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    ID: ElisaBetBeth

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    I'm a daily player who will gift parts and tips daily. Looking for same. I'm new but I will level up fast and I like to see cool bakeries. Add helainawilk!

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    May 2017
    Add me: bonbonoj
    I'll gift everyday and always check & give to whoever requested specific gifts/items. Aside from that i'll just try to stick to newer appliances if you dont ask for anything.. or food if you want that sort of thing. :^)
    Might tip but im sorta lazy. Only just started playing again (started 2012) so not 4 stars yet, or too high lvl, but i've got plans!! : D

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    Hi, I'm a player who gifts & accepts requests daily. I just don't have time to tip. If you're looking for a good neighbour feel free to add me. ID: stephking79

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    need active neighbors who accept requests daily and send parts only daily especially when there are goals. will eventually delete those who keep sending food and inactive neighbors. thanks

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    I gift parts and answer material requests daily. I don't tip.
    Looking for the same.
    I'm level 99 and looking for longtime players who have/will remain in the game.

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    If your looking for an active daily gifter, then add me, been playing since game started.

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    I am a daily player, Level 99. I gift parts and reply to material requests everyday. I do not tip everyday...maybe once a week. Please add me...MAnesi.

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