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Thread: Looking for active neighbors who gift everyday. Tipping not required

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    Add me

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    Add me: danni31love or it is danni3love

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    Add me LacKerZ

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    Add beachinhawaii and/or iridescentunicorn. Not a daily tipper except for those who post on my wall. Others I just tip when I have time. Usually i have 2-3 ⭐️. However I gift right at the reset time every day (mass gifting goal parts or random part/food if not in a goal) and respond to requests fairly quickly.

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    Hi! Add vradica

    Im not super social as in leaving messages everyday or tipping because I'm busy with work but I check regularly on recipes and requests, I also gift goal parts everyday (unless you have reached daily max) so yeah! I'm the silent type of player. Feel free to add me!

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    hey level 99 here. I make sure to gift everyday but I tip whenever I get time.You can post whatever you need on my wall and I'll send you so. I play restaurant story as well. ID: Suha Amina

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    Quote Originally Posted by amandathornburg View Post
    Level 99 Player.

    I just deleted over 500 people off my neighbor list who no longer play. It took an uncomfortably long time.

    I am now looking for ACTIVE neighbors, who are not planning to abandon the game anytime soon, who gift every day and respond to requests.

    I don't tip every day, so I don't expect my neighbors to either. I will occasionally tip, however, if I am not working. I ALWAYS gift every neighbor and always respond to requests.

    So, please, if you are level 1 -10 and are just playing to achieve goals for other games, just keep scrolling. If you are a serious player, please add me : Amandathornburg

    (p.s. I know this is not the right thread but I can't figure out how to post in the add me thread. If someone could help me move this, it would be much appreciated.)

    Add me I play daily unless traveling, I tip sometimes but gift daily and do challenges

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    Hi all i need to friends id bgur78n

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    Level 99 player looking for friends who do goals and gifts! Tips not necessary (I am not good at keeping up). Please add AngelxOxBabiie

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    PookiePiePrincess and Sweet_Dreams
    I play daily, but I do not tip daily. Always mass gift and respond to requests

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