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Thread: Looking for active neighbors who gift everyday. Tipping not required

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    Farm Supplier
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    Feb 2014

    please add for goal gift sharing only (no tipping or food)

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    New Resident
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    Mar 2017
    ID: LindaT518
    *Mostly* active, goal gifts and respond to your requests daily but no time to tip.
    Taking care of terminal parents who come first so add me if you don’t mind if I occasionally miss a day or two

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    Hello please add me

    Username: jazznikks2429

    Thank you!

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Mar 2014
    ID: eam13

    I play daily and will respond to any request - tipping happens when life slows down!

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    Dec 2019
    ID: Moosnevergreen
    Add me for daily gifts and tips!

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    Attending a Spooky Party (Hint: a Robot)
    I want / prefer neighbours of this description.

    Laid back, if I miss a day of gifting or tipping, I wouldn't need to fear of losing the neighbour.

    Don't care about my star rating, if I must remain a 2 for a bit, you wouldn't care much.

    However - I will try my hardest to be a good neighbour (if not tipping all the time - at least gifting wise)

    I am a level 99 bakery, however I will accept all levels.

    However I will decline 4 star/3 star rating players. I do not want that, especially if I cannot be that (or at least not all the time) in return.

    I don't care for tipping from anyone, if at all.

    My ID: DeadlyFangs

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    ID: smokey0504

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    Add me for daily gifts and requests
    I don?t need any tips
    Btw, sometimes I do not play so if you don?t mind me being 1 or 2 days late please add me

    ID: llamashideout

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    Dec 2019
    Im lvl 21 and I try to gift everyday. I check the game multiple times every day. I occasionally tip, but not accustomed to everyday. My ID is Silkevi . Add me if you like! I accept everyone who sends me a request. If you need certain parts, I always give it if you request it I?m also looking for other active players

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