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Thread: Looking for active neighbors who gift everyday. Tipping not required

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    Add me istimaethoriel
    old member but couldn't remember my old accounts password when my phone broke..... had to make new one since i didn't remember how many neighbors etc Storm wanted for me to get my account back. very active always respond to help and gifts. i always tip but sometimes i DO FORGET to post on walls when i do.
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    In need of neighbors in bakery and restaurant. You don't have to tip me daily. I try to tip everyone on my list and gift at reset. I'm not too picky about gifts, but do prefer basic parts or cappuccino in bakery; basic parts or stew in restaurant. No need to post on my wall. I hardly read it, lol! I do post on my neighbors wall to let them know I visited, mainly out of habit! So, if you're interested in having me as a neighbor, invite me! My id, melissabrwneyes. Thanks in advance!

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    I too don't tip daily but gift I'd priyanka83

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    Looking for higher level players (80 or higher, definitely no one under level 50) to gift parts daily. I would also prefer neighbors who understand that there is life outside of bakery story and everyone doesn't have the time to tip every neighbor daily, so if you're particular about that, please do not add. I will delete anyone who adds me from the forum and sends food and I will decline all lower level neighbor requests. No offense, but I have too many lower level dormant players on my neighbors list. ID is SatinDoll78. Thanks in advance and Happy Cooking!!
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    Add me for an active friend: naddipaddi

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    add me: pingouin07

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    please add me chubby9creepy, thanks!

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    ID: mardal11

    Please add

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    My ID is LoyalSpyke

    new to the game

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