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Thread: Looking for active neighbors who gift everyday. Tipping not required

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    Please add us both. We play and gift daily. Will gift requests or if no request will gift an oven or other part. Thanks 😀

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    Add me!!
    I'll be adding some of you too.
    Need new and active neighbors

    Storm ID: nettiemarkus

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    Add me - LJHIG

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    We gift daily and help when you are building an oven.

    lisie1508 4444mel


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    Looking for new neighbors

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    Cool Please read & let me know

    Hi There!

    I play just as you do - i gift daily (parts) and always answer requests. I tip if I can and lots of times silently, I keep notes on my wall from folks if they are kind enough to leave them to help me know what to gift them in case I am full so I know what to send.
    Also, I always answer requests. I'm looking for someone who plays like me - been a level 99 since '08 and not planning on going anyplace. This is my stress reliever. I really need to drop some old players off that I kept in case I needed the body count to expand even more. Let me know if interested - you can private message me if you like.

    Roxie - Central Time Zone - play all during the day at intervals
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    Hello. I'm Lvl 99 around since the start. Looking for Lvl 50+ neighbors that gift new goal parts followed by the classics. & accept daily Requests. ID is mixxed.

    I don't require tips, star rating or wall posts as I can see tip/gift in Message > News.

    I'm a busy adult myself so I know how precious time can be. To gauge if you are active instead of star rating, I visit monthly/bi-monthly to see if the current (or previous) goal appliances are around.
    If your bakery is cluttered I may miss them and accidentally remove you. My apologizes.

    Below you can find more specifics about my style of play/prefs.

    - I keep the most recent goal in the top right corner where the game opens so you can see if I am active.

    - I mass gift new parts during goals, basic/classic parts otherwise.
    If you like to ask for specifics adding me is a waste of your time. I just don't have time for that and will ignore it.
    If you send me food I will delete you.

    - I rarely tip.
    It's just too time consuming with RL responsibilities taking precedence of that time in my day.

    - If you like to tip, thank you but I don't always clear my tables daily b/c time.
    I have mostly like minded neighbors on that regard so its not been a problem, and I have a big rectangle of tables in the center just for tippers. Clearly visible as not to be confused with empty counters like some bakeries.
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    Looking for active neighbors who gift and help with requests. Only players that gift goal parts(during goals)/basic parts/cappuccino. Don't add me if you want/gift food (only cappuccino).
    I'm level 99/4 stars ID: KeiYos

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    No tipping, but gifting

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    Add me: shxnelle

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