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Thread: Bakery Story: December 2019

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    Bakery Story: December 2019

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Information for new players:
    Check out Welcome to Bakery Story to get started. Happy Baking!

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    Jan 2016
    Near the corner of my bakery, near the Candy Apples in the corner. (Hint: A Robot)
    ID: kappy333

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    Feb 2014

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    Please add mom2718. After struggling to get goal ovens built in time to meet timelines, I went and purged inactive neighbors. I went from 108 to 26 neighbors. So I now desperately need new active neighbors. I play daily and always respond to material requests and gift goal parts. I do not visit or tip, and do not expect neighbors to do so.
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    An old player who returned playing ! Thanks for the thread!
    I gift daily according to what you want, lmk on my wall or else it would be random answer to request and tip!
    Add me : Frirndly987 or post ID on my wall

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    I?m on level 99 and an active player since 2014.
    ID: sugarsweet20014

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    Dec 2019
    Id : gilles98

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    ID: smokey0504

    ID: smokey0504

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    Oct 2019
    I was hoping in a future update there could be some way to sell or delete unused and unwanted gifts from the gift storage tab. Unfortunately I have alot of old goal parts just sitting in storage which are not close to making another appliance or requesting a ton more to make one, which cuts into requesting parts during current goals.

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    Dec 2019
    Add me my ID is Silkevi

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