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Thread: Looking for active neighbors who gift everyday. Tipping not required

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    Feel free to add me! Chase214dg

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    I send goal parts/basic parts daily and respond to requests asap.
    Add me: magical_barbie.
    (I'm on RS & FS as well)

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    3-4 star neighbors!!! ( I DONT ACCEPT 0-2 HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND)

    please have your GIFT preference on your wall or write it on my wall!! (i can not stress this enough it is highly aggravating when neighbors dont let me know what gift they want and then complain when i send them random gifts, please lets avoid this from the start and make it easier on the both of us) : D

    Im also looking for neighbors who do goals! plus actively respond to all request sent out!! (I will do the same)
    if thats you add me
    ID antihunnie

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    Sep 2021
    Please add me. I need neighbors and parts.

    I have two account: hongngaiu

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    Aug 2021
    Looking to add neighbors and be sent food items for now. I can send parts back if you want.

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    Please add me: Needing/Wanting neighbors

    ID: dayday574

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    Add me ID: xtinalogan1.
    I gift goal parts! No food. I respond to requests.
    I am not a daily tipper.
    I don?t write on walls and I don?t check what?s written on mine. I don?t have the time.

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    I do all goals and gift goal. parts. When goal parts are no longer needed, I gift basic parts. No food ever in or out as gifts.

    Tipping optional please answer request as I answer every single request.

    Thanks! K♡

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    Add me, looking for neighbours

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