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Thread: Bakery Update 7-2-14

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    Bakery Update 7-2-14

    Abracadabra! It?s time for a magic show! Don your wizard hat and cloak and get ready to dazzle your customers with feats of prestidigitation. You are sure to amaze and astound with the Magician?s Performance display in Bakery Story!
    Check out these magical new items:

    • Magician?s Table
    • Magic Trunk Counter
    • Magic Show Sign
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    213 looks ok...can add together with those carnival stuff released before...just sadly missed that ferris wheel..
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    Hope the table is for coins. Wouldn't mind a new goal set since I only just finished mastering all the ovens from the last month but I don't see any appliances in the preview.

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    Cute. I might do it.

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    Not sure if I like this one or not. If it's a goal I'll do it but probably wouldn't buy much otherwise.
    Not accepting new neighbours in bakery story at the moment. Thank you.

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    They didn't mention the giant Magic Show.
    And I'm a bit disappointed there aren't any 4th of July items.
    cuz smallbux... sux!

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    Not interested in magic....I'm passing on this...even if it's new goals...won't do them!
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    Pass for me as well.

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    I'm super excited for this one!

    My Stepdad was friends with pro magicians, so I grew up backstage at magic shows. It'll be fun to have a nod to those fun times in my Bakery. It's also quite classic and the movie theatre items will work nicely with everything.

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    I thought it's Sleeping Beauty when I first seen this picture.

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