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Thread: New update Ideas

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    New update Ideas- Post if you want these

    Well it looks like there is no suggestion thread so I have made a thread of my suggestions
    Here they are
    -Ios 7 Keybord
    -mystery boxes (get things from holidays)
    -remove energy
    -new view of city (like farm 2) view
    -people don't walk into other people and same with cars
    -Facebook picture
    -New confirm button
    -new gift system I made a thread a while back( )
    - hotel (gives 350 coins, cost 30,000 takes 1 day level 36 to unlock) adds 100 people
    -street lights on roads
    -car wash (cars go into it) gives 50 coins cost 1,000 takes 30 min level 10 to unlock adds 10 cap
    -Time square (decoration)
    - jewelry store (gives 1 gem, costs 10 gems, takes 1 day, level 1, adds 50 cap, Only 5 per city
    -Statue of liberty costs 2,000,000 coins
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    Current Suggestion Thread is here.
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