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Thread: Cannot join any tournament

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    Post Cannot join any tournament

    When I try to join a tournament it takes me there but all the spots just say waiting and this never changes. What do I do?

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    Oh no! Thank you for letting us know, we are looking into this for you.
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    Thank you. It is still the same as before.

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    I still cannot join any tournament

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    I cannot join tournaments either since yesterday...... All spots stay empty, what should I do???

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    Same here...a friend of mine is having the same problem too.

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    Which tournaments are you trying to join?
    I did two at CurlyCues about 30 minutes ago with no issues. (iphone 5s)
    What device do you play on?
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    I can't join ANY tournament. I haven't been able to for 2 days now. I tried to play on my iPad and iPhone and he same problem

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    Curly cues and the Egyptian, I tried several times since yesterday, last try was half an hour ago. My friend and I are playing on iPads.

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    Still same for me too. No luck with any of the tournaments.... I tried all. Both my IPhone 5 and IPad have same problem.
    When I play single games with tickets, it works perfect.

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