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    please explain

    Please explain the reasoning behind goal/reward to this, goal: buy 4 pillows at 8,300 each, 4 night tables at 18,000 each total cost 105,200, reward 72,000!!! I came across this in pet story also! Why spend more on a goal then you get in return for rewards??? am i the only one who sees how backwards this is???

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    I have no idea how they calculate the reward after each goal but I honestly don't mind how little it is. We get the final goal prize plus 6 new recipes (12 gems if you master them) in the end. The monthly goals are really expensive but at least it's not mandatory. You don't have to do them if you don't want to spend a lot or if you don't like the final goal prize/theme.

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    There r some of us who appreciate these goals and the gems that come w them especially when uve mastered everything.

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    I have no problems with the goal system. It allows us to get gems without spending money and gives us something to do.

    If I don't like the theme/gpal prize, i just play until I unlock the second oven and store everything.

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    Thank you PepperWoo, i didnt see the whole picture, i started playing only to earn gold for Dragon story.and can only play when my patient is time is limited, thank you again for explaining, i will try it again :-)
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    Just opened a new bakery and am DYING at these goal prices lol. I never think about the coins I'm spending in my level 99 bakery but I can't even afford the first couple of steps in the goal. Still saving up for the flooring and wallpaper.

    I don't think I'll be able to do them. Darn.

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