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Thread: need better rewards

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    need better rewards

    am i the only one that notices the goals costs more to do than the rewards you get in return? for example: sprucing up, you pay 29 gems for a tank, or you can pay 5 gems to skip and collect reward which is 310 coins, +40 points, for golden child you breed dalmatian and golden retriever, it costs 13 gems, but rewards is 370 coins +43 points, purebred you pay out 1500 coins but rewards is 300 coins, +30 points, why???? it should be the other way around, i only played for gold with dragon story, id like to continue playing but i won't play with cash, at least with dragon story you have opportunities to earn/get gold coins, plesse look into this and change the goals/rewards
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    I absolutely agree with you. Not only the reward but collection money from each pet group (i.e. chihuahua, shorthair cat, golden retriever, etc.) is way too little to save enough to buy next level pet. I upgraded and bred each group but still not enough unless you play this game all day long so you can collect the money every 5min- 1hr whenever the time's up.
    I initially started playing storm8 games because I liked pet shop story but now I feel like this game doesn't interest me anymore mainly because of the cost issue. Plus, there needs to be more activity involved, like you'd need to take them out for walk, or wash the fish tank, etc. just like how intricate Farm story2 is.

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    Yes I agree! I just seem to be stuck! I can't buy the fish tank or breed the Dalmatian as I don't have enough gems I can't crossbreed 2 of my new pets (Manx cat and parrot) I'm constantly just waiting days for 1 pet to breed as I can't see how without spending a fortune of real money anyone could afford 2 nurseries? By the time I've expanded and upgraded I hardly have money left to buy pets! You should be able to collect gems maybe when visiting other shops not loads just 1 now and then but I think they need to think of some way of better rewards xx

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    I couldn't agree more! I just started playing Pet Shop a couple of weeks ago. It's a cute game but I'm already at a point where I can't do much more than collect from the animals I have and visit neighbors because I don't have any extra $ to waste on a game. I've played the other games to earn gems but everything in this game costs 10x more than what you get for finishing tasks. Bakery Story and Farm Story 2 are not like that and a whole lot more fun to play because of that reason. I hope someone reads this thread and thinks about what we're saying here. If they don't fix this issue, many of us won't want to play.

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