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I'm at this step in the Fortunes and if I chop that log, the same log that Ivinea is asking me to chop COMPLETELY, then I'll lose this fortune. If you're also working on Sister Sister, the last thing you'll want to do is chop that log as getting glitter fragmants and shards are minimal per day and you'll need hundreds to make all the plants. Plus at some point in the Faerie goal chains you'll need more and I think in Kaz Returns from Blythewood, which comes right after you build the Faerie Bridge. I need to double check and see how many are needed as it may just be seeds and not shards/fragments for those, but needless to say, you get this goal at the same time you get Sister Sister and you'll want to hang on to this fortune (if you haven't passed it yet) to get through it.
Oh, I see...

I haven't bought the Fortune Teller Tent, so know nothing about fortunes