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Thread: Breeding roost(50% off)

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    Breeding roost(50% off)

    Hey everyone! I was scrolling through my quest list and saw this new quest called Snuggle Time. Clicked on it and it said,
    "It's spring, and the breeding den is always occupied! You should buy a Breeding Roost and get one whole week of extra snuggle space! Have one breeding roost. Obtain it from the market!" There was a link to the market which I clicked on but found no such thing... What is this exactly? Trying to attach pics!

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    Oh wow can't wait
    Second breeding den omg
    But probably costs gold
    "Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today."

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    No Breeding Roost for me... wondering how much gold I'm willing to pay for 1 week extra breeding den... I usually focus on 1 target, so that keeps those dragons occupied, but I guess I could do some more research and find other parents for that target.

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    it will 100 percent cost gold xD don't even have any hopes.

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    Good morning TL, it's not spring anymore, half of the June is passed. D Your description for that Breeding Roost is wrong.
    I guess, it will sells for gold for sure. That's sad

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    Akanksha2001, which account are you seeing this on? I don't see it on your goal list.

    @Amaranta_Moony, we're not quite ready to let go of baby flower blossoms just yet. We know you don't judge us, though. ;<

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    It costs 150 gold and, yes, it's need to refill after a week of usage. :ccc i'm so sad about that. I was hoping I can use this thing forever but no

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    Flower dragons are cute :33 Trough it's so hard to breed them all then the updates are so often.) I think in summer there are even more flowers.)

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    I don't see on mine either?

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    It would be nice to have a 2nd den but not just for a week. Make it cost silver coins so we can spend the millions of coins we have no use for. thank you

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