I am here because I have written several emails and been invited to come speak at the game community forums since they cant help me at support..

I love the game, its cute, its amusing, its fun..to play. But there is a big problem I am having and I don't know what to do. In this game, more than in the other storm games you really need gems. The really fun part of the game is breeding and you need gems for a lot of it. The problem is mine to keep disappearing. This has happened to me in other "Story" games. And I was told they won't return items purchased by accident. I have spent gems on gold I didn't want, finishing dishes I didn't want to finish, that sort of thing. And it's annoying.

But with Pet Story its worse, it's harder to get gems and it's more important to have them. I installed Dragon Story and I get gems, almost enough for an animal, I thought "maybe on payday, I will buy more." But there I am feeding and loving my pets first thing in the morning and I click on a pen I am building and oops, spent several gems to finish it instantly. Why? I have friends, I am in no hurry. I am killing time until I can do some achievements or quests that require, you guessed it, gems. Now I am back to square one. I was upset, but OK, I don't feel like being told no returns, no exceptions, (after the first!) So I deal with it. Along comes another Fashion Story, I get 5 gems. I am so close, I have 6! ONE more and I could finally buy some cat or dog I need. I would've had enough, but I accidentally spent some, remember? OK, just be patient, right? No..I open the game up a day or so later and I have 2 left. I have no idea where they went or when or how. I email Storm support again. Actually, I make my husband do it because I am so upset. They tell me they were spent on 2 teddy bears. Must've been that Valentiney cat pen I bought when I couldn't crossbreed anymore. I didn't do it..on purpose. I doubt I did it at all. A pet stepped on the phone, a child touched it, I picked it up, who knows?

I have joked that one of my pets was going to buy something, they seem drawn to my phone.. But it's not so funny now. I want to cry. It's supposed to be fun and I am so frustrated and upset I want to cry, over a silly game. I can't imagine how a child would feel... I also feel really unappreciated by the developers. Why? WHY NOT add a confirm button? Yes, maybe I am a clutz, maybe I am too old, near sighted, a mom, a wife, a person with a life who has to put her phone down unattended too often. I dont know. But I DO know Touch screens make mistakes all too easy. Ask first, "Do you want to do this?" Other games do. I know, it's happened.

I feel like they just don't care here. That's not a good feeling for a customer to have... And I don't know what to do. Uninstall? Maybe.. I can't bear to buy any gems, they might just.. Disappear.. Again.