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Thread: Fantasy Forest: Current Bugs and Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by sewknitty View Post
    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post, but my daughter purchased a combination of 100 gems, an Aqua Azteca and 15000 Blossom Possums for $1.99. She actually did receive all 15000 creatures, but I just thought I would mention the mistake.
    You're in the correct place. Haha I LOVE this bug. I sure love to see a forest full of Blossom Possums. Thank you for reporting.

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    Well this might not be a bug, but it is certainly an issue. During our most recent World Event/Forest Party, the community did not unlock the food or the runes. Obviously this is not due to a lack of trying on the part of those of us who are still playing the game. Either the counter was stuck, as it supposedly has been in the past, or we couldn't get enough points because people are dropping this game like hot potatoes now that S8 has obviously decided to only put minimal effort into this game going forward. Those of us who played should have received the food and runes just like we always do. If fewer people are playing, then S8 obviously needs to adjust the required number of points. If we can't unlock the community prizes this next time, there is no point in continuing to play that event at all because I don't need useless decorations and a final animal that the only way one can get it is to buy it or use loads of gems to speed breed.

    Yes, S8, I am expecting an answer to this issue. Either give us the prizes that we earned or dramatically adjust the number of points needed going forward. Thank you.

    Update: Elsa looked into and resolved this issue. Apparently the counter of community points was stuck again and did not register that we had earned the points, and, therefore, the prizes. Thank you, Elsa, for correcting this great injustice.
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    This has been answered by CM.

    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    Players definitely reached the community goals. There's a very old, rare bug where the thing collects the contributions (early adopters can attest to this occurring years ago), but then doesn't send it back down to the game. It's been given a proper kick and players will now see those rewards on next login.

    I verified them on your game to make sure you got them properly as a real player, so you won't see the reward dialogs but the rewards are on your account. If you'd like to see the dialogs, PM me and I'll send you screenshots.

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    The current value pack for 34.99 is showing that you only get 100 gems for the current is usuallt 1000. Is this an error?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckylady00 View Post
    the current value pack for 34.99 is showing that you only get 100 gems for the current is usuallt 1000. Is this an error?
    hello i can't send a message to support cause it wont log me in to ask. Please someone answer!!!!

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    This is the third time that I just go into the mine using one of my bombs, and after the first tap it goes into a video and I lose my other taps or it resets and I lose my taps and i have one less bomb. Aggggrh.

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    So we get punished by S8, we get less bombs for breeding and then lose our chance to get runes. If this is how S8 treats us, I will leave the game every time an unwanted video plays. Will not get any of the games advertised in video!!!!!!

    I don't care if I don't finish events by doing this.

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