I've seen this suggestion buried in other threads, but I think it belongs here.

Would you please consider adding a higher level farm upgrade beyond "Enchanted", one with higher yielding crops?

I am a level 150 player, I have 259 unique dragons, 80+ of which I'm struggling to raise to epic level, but I keep falling further and further behind. The 7th farm has helped, but not nearly enough. I plant upgrapes, rushrooms and diamondates nonstop, I quest for food all the time (fairly useless), and I mine every chance I get (hoping for 1000 food yields). I'm drowning in coins (almost 58 million) that I have nothing to spend on (even the arctic isles where I've raised all dragons to epic). I like having a reason to collect coins as much as possible, and you should like it too - the more frequently I visit the game, the more likely I am to speed breed and spend real money.

My suggestion is to have an expensive upgrade for the farms beyond "enchanted" with uber high yield planting options, preferably with planting times different from the existing options.