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Thread: Does the TL staff ever look into the Suggestions & Feedback forum?

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    Question Does the TL staff ever look into the Suggestions & Feedback forum?

    We're told to post suggestions here, and many players have - some ideas are very nice and you can tell that the majority of the playerbase would appreciate if these ideas were actually implemented into game. Ofc some things aren't even possible no put into game, of various reasons, but wouldn't it be nice if there ever was any replies from the developers regarding these ideas?

    Getting told to post suggestions on this forum, but never getting any reply - fun fun....

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    The developers are pretty busy. When you see them on the forum they are actually using their free time to post.
    Their main time is used to develop the awesome games!!

    The community managers do respond to some of the suggestion threads and forward these suggestions onto the team.
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